What's your current Desktop Background/Wallpaper?

I’m currently using a cropped version of Waterhouse’s The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius for work (no particular reason other than I stumbled across it while helping a student and liked it) and a SNL screen capture of a nekkid Andy Samberg (digitally pixelated unfortunately) for home (which replaced a random pattern of color WW1 magazine covers from this site (don’t ask) that had a long run.

What are you using?

I’m on the Mac now, but my PC has this (sized to fit screen).

The First Robin Of Spring–from the point of view of a supervillain, that is.

Mine is just blank; this colour> ██ (#004E98)

At home, I have always preferred the green screen you can find in Desktop\Properties. At work, my wallpaper is a scan of a photo of an incredible sunset that I took with a Kodak Instamatic camera on 126 film in the late 1980s. Maybe I will be able to provide a link to it later, when my brother gets home. Everyone who has seen it at work has commented on how nice it is, and some are surprised to learn that no, I didn’t create it in Photoshop; the sky actually looked that way.

boondock saints

mmmm murphy and conner…mmmmm

A picture I took a few weeks ago.

Wallpaper from Veer. Specifically, the bright red ‘Flying’ one about halfway down.

I have a Josephine Wall as my wallpaper, until my dad sents me photos from his latest RV adventure, then I’ll switch.

Jesus! Warn us, please! :slight_smile:

Mine is just some lilies. Before for a long time it was a nice pic of Ralph Fiennes. Why? 'Cause I can.

Sorry, link

An image of part of Titan’s surface (the Saturn moon) taken by that Huygens probe that was launched from the Cassini spacecraft last year. The “shoreline”, “rivers”, and “hills” look so much like a map of part of New Jersey!

Is this a joke? We go all the way to the the edge of the solar system and we find…*another * New Jersey!

Why, in Og’s name?

Inspired by RandMcNally, I changed mine to a picture I also took myself.

Crabapple Blossom


Why not? Anyway, if I go missing and they check dental records it makes it handy.


Copied from Cute Overload. :slight_smile:

A picture of Waikiki & Diamond Head I took several weeks ago.

A never-ending stream of pictures of Yuko Ogura.

What, she’s cute!

Dead Like Me