What's your daydream world like?

Possibly embarrassing, but what the hell.

Do you have a daydream world? A place your mind wanders to when you’re bored, sleepy or just pissed off at life? I can’t be the only one. Something you’ve constructed: an ideal world, or place, or maybe just somewhere less mundane/happier/more exciting/where you can do the things you can’t do in the real world.

What’s it like? What does it look like? Who are you in it? Is it based on somewhere you’ve really been to? What’s the weather like? Are there lots of people? Do bad things happen in it? What’s unusual about it?

Geez, I have more daydream worlds than I can name. I need them at work.

My current favourite is the daydream world where I’m in the Star Wars universe cruising around in my own little transport ship, which can kick the Millennium Falcon’s ass.

There’s one where I revolutionise English womens’ soccer, and win a fancy manager of the year award from the FA.

There’s one that’s a made-up world that I’ve had for years. I haven’t indulged in it much of late. This world is a nation of traders, farmers and artists (aren’t they all, really). It’s warmer than Britain, and it’s a federal nation of three island states. The people can be loud and passionate. I spend time there either being a politician, a wealthy salon leader, a priest, or a musician hanging about in an omelette and beer shop.

There’s one where I’m small and furry, and live in a forest, in a nice burrow/nest. I’m not afraid of being eaten, because I would fight back.

<winces in pain>
Thousands of beautiful naked women weighing between 80 and 100 lbs each with pretty feet and narrow heels. All in a long line walking each taking one barefoot pass across my back as I lie face down in a very plush carpet. (think a perverted version of George Jefferson walking on Mr. Bentley’s back)
<winces in pain again>
Oh, yeah, and a nude chiropractor, a nude physical therapist, and a nude pharmacist (for the muscle relaxers) too!

This back pain isin’t consuming too many of my waking thoughts is it?

<sneezes, faints>

Didn’t think so…

I’m an imaginative guy, so I’ve got a myriad of daydream worlds.
So an example-

The world is the same on the surface. But, I am part of what lies beneath that surface. I have found the magic and miracles that the mundane world only hints at and madman spend their lives chasing. I can slip off my skin like an old shoe. And I am something different underneath. I become a bat. I swim through the night on leathern wings. I hear and see and smell a thousand thousand things there are no words for. I have found the magic that the moon promises to all children. I am complete.