What fantasy world would you live in?

If you could move into any fantasy land, movie world, book realm, where would it be and why?

Part of the time, I’d live in Star Trek to cruise the stars, to meet strangers from all planets. The rest of the time I’d live in Fantasy Island, and I’d get to experience all the fantasies that each visitor would. Living vicariously through them.

Good question. And hard to choose.

Not long ago I read The Great Game series by Dave Duncan. I’d like to try out that place for a while. Anyone wanna worship me?

If memory serves me correctly, I think the place is Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) I remember the basic plot of the story, but more fondly, I remember as a child thinking that it would be a neat place to live. I can’t remember why, and now it seems Rubes will need to stop at the library to pick up a book from his youth again. I’ve recently re-read a few of the Great Brain books, as well as The Mad Scientists’ Club, for nostalgia.


No contest, the land of “The Neverending Story” (see the book by Michael Ende, not the movie.) The hero of the story gets to create his own reality, and the landscapes and characters are amazing in their diversity! Michael Ende’s imagination is tremendous.

I think that I’d take Arrakis from Dune.

The Vale of Aldur, from the Belgariad/Malloreon series by David Eddings.

I would like a permanent faculty position at Hogwarts, thank you. But not the Defense Against Dark Magic - those teachers never last very long.

If I couldn’t get that, I’d settle for a spot on a UFP starship.

I got my own fantasy world, thank you very much. Don’t need any o’ them there worlds other people wrote about to get me on a kick.

In my fantasy world, I am Mylo Tennyson, World’s First and Only Recreational Time Traveler. Lotsa fun! Lotsa adventure! Chicks from every human civilization throwing themselves at me.

When I get tired of that I pretend I’m Q.

None, because horrible things are always happening in them. That’s why fantasies are always epics in which someone needs to save the world from an evil force.

Failing that, I’d hang out with Falcon in the Vale of Aldur - but only after the world is saved. And only if I could be a sorceress.

Easy. Florin, from The Princess Bride. Were I a single character, in this same movie, it would be Westley. :slight_smile:

I think City from the Matrix would be kinda cool. But only if I could bend spoons. Except that there is no spoon. Or the world in Neuromancer. Or the Forgotten Realms. Those would be nice to visit, but not to stay.

From now on, call me Clark Kent.


The Planet of the Busty Nineteen-Year-Old Women in Lingerie Who Need to Be Spanked Frequently.

Like it? I made it up myself.

There’s this video game I’ve seen that I’d like to live inside of–the basic premise was you drive this flying, convertible taxi and people pay you to drive as fast and recklessly as possible.

or MiddleEarth.

Can I join the Vale of Aldur crowd?

I’d also like to live in the Star Trek universe. Just think of it–no money, so no pressure to make money, no need to cook or clean unless you really want to, instantly fashionable clothing (courtesy of your replicator), and endless possibilities for travel. Just sit around and do whatever you want. Yep, I like that.

The world that I created and that the character Narile comes from, Nahiar.

So may to choose from. But right now I wish I could live in the world of the Gunslinger from The Dark Tower series. There I would have many adventures, with a horse and possibly a trained hawk. My kind of place.

My pick would be any of the following:

#1 - Resident Evil (video game series)

#2 - Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness

#3 - Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead

#4 - Mad Max, Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome

#5 - Star Wars

I believe I would take up residence in Castle Anthrax.