What fantasy world would you visit?

Which fantasy or science fiction world would you most like to visit or live in?

Although the fringe benefits of living in Gor sure sound nice (for a guy, that is), I don’t think I’m up to the combat.

The Star Trek universe would probably be my destination. The holodecks alone could keep me busy endlessly. Or possibly, one of the many worlds of Robert Heinlein, as long as I got to hang around with Lazarus Long.

What say you?

BTW: I did search to see if we’ve done this before, but didn’t find anything. My apologies if I missed it.

Walt Kelly’s Pogo comic strip.

Or The Wind In The Willows.

Am I only allowed one?

I would visit not another world, but the Angevin Empire in which Lord Darcy and Sean O Lochlainn live.

It’s all dependant on whether you’ll get to interact with the fantasy universe on the same level as the main characters.

For instance, holodecks in the Star Trek universe were still very new, very expensive technology. Remember how impressed Picard was with the thing during the first holodeck episode? He’d never seen one before. And the Enterprise was the flagship of the Federation.

Assuming I could be wealthy and influental enough to have access to all the goodies, though, I too would pick the Star Trek universe.

Certainly Discworld, especially if I could be a wizard. Having Death personally come for you when you die is just plain cool.

Star Trek, easily. Screw the Holodecks… I just want to live in that world.

I’ve always been partial to the Culture universe, as described by Ian M. Banks, although the universe that Terry Pratchett describes in ‘Strata’ also is worth a mention. Custom-designing your own planet sounds rather appealing.

Actually, I’m a girl and I’d definitely choose the aforementioned John Norman’s Gor world.

But that’s just me. :smiley:

The universe of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Perhaps also:
Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth (probably would pick Rivendell or Lothlorien to hang out in. It’s safer there).

Proton/Phaze of the “Apprentice Adept” series (Piers Anthony).

The Discworld could be nice, but I’ll probably endup as a small, squeeky footnote in someone’s plot.

I think I’ll have more fun in the ST:TNG universe. I’ll helpfully point out the plotholes and reverse the polarity on the sonic showers, or something.

If I got to pick who I could hang with then I’d go to Planet Gunsmoke and Vash (what is this, Vash mention #12? But you guys keep setting me up), otherwise I’d rather be dead than live there.

Other choice would be the Harry Potter world if I could be a witch. I wouldn’t even insist on Snape, really I wouldn’t.

The Lovecraft Universe…

Sure I may go insane or be killed by some monsterous creature, but I’ll have fun doing it.

If I could be one of the elite, then the Dune universe would be great. I’d love to be a vassal under the Duke Paul himself.

Not the discworld, it’s not really a nice place. Notice that whilst the stories are funny for us, they decidedly aren’t for the characters involved?

Possibly Middle Earth, it would depend on the era.

This is a hard question really - most fantasy places have a degree of conflict in order to make them interesting, which means that in most fantasy places you’ve got a fair chance of dying painfully rather soon.

Middle Earth, specifically Rivendell. It seems like a pretty amazing place really.

My second choice would be The Shire. The frustrating part would be that I’d hit my head on a lot of things. It still seems like a nice place though.

Does it have to be a published world? I have created my own fantasy world out of a melange of all the dreams about nature that I can remember. I would go there (but one hint: avoid the water parks!)


I’d spend most of my time stalking Spike and avoiding other vampires and demons.

I’d vote for Sigil in Planescape. I could visit every other world eventually, if I could only find the right portal…

Babylon 5 would be a cool place to be- after the Shadow war.

From the Handmaid’s Tale?


To riff from Bloom County, I’d like a ticket to the planet of unchained stewardess vixens, please. :smiley: