What fantasy world would you visit?

The Land from The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson (not The Land in the second trilogy where it’s all fucked-up).

Narnia might be kinda cool.

Wonderland (as in ‘Alice in’) would be a trip.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

The Year Of The Tucks Medicated Pad

Being a young wizard at Hogwarts with Harry Potter would be fun

I’d take a trip over to Frank Herbert’s Dune.

I’d like to check out either one of Tamora Pierce’s worlds - Tortall or Summersea.
Of course, Diana Wynne Jones’ connected worlds could also be interesting - particularly the world of Dark Lord of Derkholm and Year of the Griffin.

If I was just visiting…It’d be kind of cool to be Malcolm McDowell’s Caligula for a day.


Hmmm. If I was visiting as I am, I’d definitely take the Discworld. I’d show Dibbler a thing or two about sausages inna bun.

Sunnydale or Harry Potter’s world. Let’s face it, going into a world that was a complete fantasy would leave me missing a lot of the things from here. Both the Buffyverse and the Potterverse are still within our own reality, sort of, and I like that mix. Helping Buffy slay some vamps and hitting the Starbucks afterward (and then seducing Willow back over from lesbianism… did I say that??? ;)) would RAWK.

What? no Star Wars universe people here? I mean come on…if you were a Jedi you’d get your own lightsaber, kick-ass powers, AND you could fly interstellar spacecraft.

I always wanted to visit Melnibone, Tanelorn, and the other Young Kingdoms from Michael Moorcock’s Elric Saga.

If things sucked I wouldn’t have to wait long for it all to be over, or I could try to travel through time and the multiverse and drop in on the gang at the End of Time.

I would like to live in Larry Niven’s Known Space universe. Post Man-Kzin wars of course. I want to use transfer booths to get around. Booster Spice would be a nice fringe benefit too. :smiley:

Sunnydale, CA. A good vengeance demon is hard to find here in Chicago.

you all disappoint me.

nobody else wants to be another drop-in new resident in Andre Norton’s Witchworld?

i’m not that picky, even. the Dales would be fine, High Halleck even better. Alizon, however, is pretty much out of the picture for now. i’ve worked with hounds, but i’m not as fond of them as cats when all is said and done.

One of 4 places.

  1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy world. Time Travel, Awsome Rock Bands, GlactiStar Bank Cards that always work.

  2. Heinlein’s worlds. I want to meet Mike (Man from Mars). Would love to meet Podkane, but she dies at the end of the book=(

  3. George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones Series. War might be dangerous, but it sounds like a cool place. Put me on the wall with Jon Snow.

  4. Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld. Just one long river with everyone who ever lived on its shores. Food supplied free by ‘gods’.

Hugh Hefner’s House…

Most fantasy worlds would suck to live in. If you’re not a nobleman, a mighty warrior, a talented thief or magically imbued in one way or another, it’s subsistence farming for you…even then, no medical care, bad food, lack of decent shelter…blah…

I second the Lovecraft world. Sure, you’d die or go mad very quickly, but what things you’d see… :smiley:

Definitely the Star Wars or Next Generation universes…maybe both using the wormhole from DS9 to get between them…

You consider Disaster Area an “awesome rock band”? :eek:

A world where ALL women walked around wearing high heels, stockings with garters.

ALL women, even the unattractive ones.

I think my username would answer the OP’s question. :slight_smile: