What's your DFQ (Dope Fest Quotient)?

Inspired by beatle’s recent thread on how many dopers you’ve ridden in a car with, I’ve invented a new statistic, the DFQ - Dope Fest Quotient. Your DFQ is the number of other dopers (or family or friends of dopers or F3’ers) you’ve attended dopefests with.

Having attended six dopefests, my DFQ is 73: Allesan, Alphagene, Andygirl, Ayesha, beatle, Beer Church, Biggirl, Billdo, Booker57, Brachyrhynos, Cessandra, Chance the Gardener, Cooldude, Cyndar (aka Michi), DAVE0071, delphica, Dr. Watson, Falcon, friedo, GreenBean, Groovy Side, Hamadryad, Houseman, Irishman, Jens, Jersey Diamond, Joe_Cool, Lady Luck (aka Mrs Robgruver), Lance (aka Carl), Lin, LIONsob, Lurkernomore, LuxFiat, Lynn, Maeglin, Maidenunicorn, Mamapotamus, Manhattan, MannyL, Melin, Mr. Bear, Nacho4Sara, Nikki, OpalCat, Origato, Overengineer, Pattycake, Pucette, Purplebear, Queen of All She Surveys (aka Mrs Revedge), Revedge, Robgruver, Robot_arm, Rosebud, Sealemon88, Shanin, smackfu, Soulsling, Stuyguy, SuaSponte, Surgoshan, SwimmingRiddles, Theo, TheNerd, THespos, Tripler, Tymp, Ukulele Ike, UndeadDude, Vix, Wonko the Sane, Zebra, zyada

Oh good lord…
Can we just say mine’s over 100 and leave it at that? :wink:

Yeah we need a separate category for Falcon…number of posters that she’s flashed :smiley:

Oh :p.

And at last count, I’d attended 17 Dopefests. Rough estimate for people I’ve met…130-140. I win! :slight_smile:

Falcon, when I was posting this my first thought was “seventy three’s an impressive figure, but Falcon will blow me out of the water if she posts.” I think you’ve attended every dopefest on the East coast (except one). My guess is that you’ve underestimated your total; I’d bet it’s over 150.

laughs Yep, I’m the reigning queen… :slight_smile:

And you’re right…I think I’ve been to every one on the East coast except Rochester, and I haven’t been to Florida. Add in going to Chicago twice, Spiffled, and Dallas, and I’ve been to 17. Yeep.

I might try and figure out how many people I’ve met…it was around 70 when I sent a list to tatertot for the Insane Poofy Plot. Add in New York, and meeting some more people in DC…I think I’m close to 140. Problem is, I can’t remember everyone!!! Ack! :slight_smile:

(And I’m planning on making it to Cali this summer…Woo! Can add in MORE people!)

Sadly enough (compared to 73 and who-the-hell-can-even-begin-to-count-how-many), only 10.

  1. Yep, three. III.

Chris CTP, Boli and beagledave.

Of course I also managed to misplace the entire gathering–in the same hotel–at ChiDopeI.

I’ll just slink off in acute depression now…


andygirl, nacho4sara, montfort, anniz, lucretia, bluesman, falcon, weirddave, olentzero, sqrl cub, dcnewsman, peta tzunami, pldennison, rtfirefly, hamadryad, silo, wendell wagner, althea, fairychatmom, JTR, john corrado, sofa king, phantomdiver and Captain Amazing. Not counting JTR’s wife, Lucretia and Bluesman’s two friends they brought to the “Meet Anniz!” dopefest, olent’s wife, or falcon’s cat.

  1. And I’ll be meeting at minimum one more doper (Jeff Olsen) at the March 17 gathering. And msrobyn later that month.

I don’t know how many fests I’ve attended, and quite frankly at this point I’m reserving precious brain cells for the mind-blowing paper I have to write for later today.

Ahem, iampunha, you forgot one!

Well, lessee here…Weirddave, Falcon, Wendell Wagner, Opus (now Attrayant), John Corrado, Lucretia, Bluesman, pldennison, Peta Tzunami, SqrlCub, dcnewsman, RTFirefly, Cabbage, Robot Arm, andygirl, iampunha, Turpentine, Serendipity, that makes 18 so far, and I will be meeting some more at the St. Pat’s fest as well.

And Falcon, there is one other East Coast fest you missed, the recent Boston one.

Let’s see (oh, God, I’m afraid I’m going to leave someone off): There’s beatle, Doctor Jackson, TubaDiva, missdavis, Linney (my cousin), techchick, Irishman, Silo, Zyada, rjk, Narile, Doctordec, Padeye, special, OpalCat, UndeadDude, and Athena. That gives me a DFQ of 17, which is pretty low considering the number of Dopefests I’ve been to. Although with the extra cash I have lately, the weekend Internet specials at America West’s website, and the vacation hours I have to burn by May, I plan on making more Dopefests in the future (mind if I crash at y’all’s places? ;)).


:: sigh ::

Well, there is a DC Dopefest coming up real soon…

If this statistic is going to be a quotient, there has to be some number divided into some other number. Right now, this statistic is just a list of Dopers.

You could divide the number of Dopers you’ve met by how many months or years you’ve been on the board, perhaps.

Snooooopy has a point, but…

My quotient is…7, I think.

idiotboy, then LazarusLong42, tsarina, Persephone, Juniper200, mrblue42 & BunnyGirl.

I’m planning on upping that soon by either hitting ChiDOPE and the Spiffling or just the Spiffling.

I might have to set a limit on my “I’ll buy first round” offer to extend only to the first 10 or so people each night. I guess it depends what people want. :smiley:

I don’t know whether to tell ya to unplug and get a life, or to keep pluggin’ until ya hit 50!! :smiley:

Well, at least I have the NYC DopeFest under my belt. 'Twas the singlemost populous Fest yet. . .
Minot Mini-Fest this March! Wooo!


Chique, SpiderWoman, imthjckaz, PuRpLePrIdE, Nu Vo Da Da, NghtCrwlr, LNO, racerx, Rysdad. That makes ::takes off her shoes and socks:: 9 actual people met.

Next month: Tripler and a Doper to be named later, Nymysys, other assorted ChiDope types, LeSang, marvel, iampunha, ChiefScott, other assorted DC Dope types, evilbeth, assorted Dallas Doper types (and I’m hoping I can get my brother to join; I think he’d really enjoy the SDMB), and other assorted Texas Doper types.

April: robgruver, Ayesha, and other assorted Texas Dopers not mentioned in the previous paragraph

If I keep this up, I can maybe catch up to Falcon sometime next year :wink:


Whoo-hoo! I’ll have to check into that one!

I’ve been to about a dozen Dopefests so far (plus a coupla DC Lunch Bunches, and met evilbeth last summer on a trip to Tennessee).

I’ll have to wait 'til the weekend (and hope certain old Dopefest threads haven’t been cleaned out yet) to put together my total of Dopers met. I’m no competition for Falc, though (can’t be - she’s been to every Dopefest I’ve been to, plus a bunch), and probably well behind Nemo.

Attended one Dopefest, and while there were about 14 others in attendance, I kinda sorta never made it to the other end of the table, so I don’t think I can claim half the attendees as folks I’ve met. But the ones at my end of the table were charming, entertaining, insane, and all-around neat people. I hope I can make another someday… but living in Jax, I’m kinda limited… :frowning: