What's your favorite brand of pot?

I used to love alcohol and grass, because the alcohol calmed the paranoid demons that appeared without it. Then, after my unscheduled cirrhosis hospital incident, I gave up on weed, too. But even before that I hadn’t had any smoke for up to 2 years, give or take.
A few days ago a joint of what was represented as Indica was laid on me and I thought,“Oh, what the hell”.
My SO and I both had one toke(I always test new pot that way) and sat back to observe.
Observe, we did! we laughed and giggled for 4 hours, while somehow the music kept getting louder. No other tokes.) So it probably was Indica, whatever that exactly means.
A while back I found a page of old names for M, such as gage and my favorite, muggles.
Do any of you have a “secret” word for it that you can use in public with your friends and no one else can decipher?
Do you look for certain “brands” or blast away at anything that comes down the pike?
What do you think has the highest THC content?
Do you like to go out high, or stay in and listen to music,and possibly indulge in something really addictive, like these damn forums?

Well, when we were putting together our wedding registry, this was a big question for us. I liked the old, battered Le Creuset that I had, but Jeff didn’t.

He wanted something nonstick, and I really didn’t. I was concerned that the nonstick coating would not last. Eventually he talked me into getting the nonstick.

We got Calphalon Professional and have been extremely satisfied with them.

I’d definately recommend Calphalon products, or Circulon. Analon is good too. Having spend many years in the Food Service Industry (assistant chef type stuff), I’ve learned not to skimp on pot. In general, the more expensive the pot the better, just watch out for middle-man markup.

Stay away from copper bottoms, etc. Sure they look nice, and distribute heat evenly, but they heat up too quickly. Good pot heats slowly and evenly, and retains heat for a long time.


I have a set of T-Fal nonstick pots that are great for the cheap-single-guy foods I normally cook (pasta, veggies, the “Roni” series). Probably nowhere near as good as the other brands mentioned, but my cooking skills don’t justify that sort of expense.

My favourite is an old cast iron deep skillet that I bought at a flea market 16 years ago. I keep it rubbed with oil & oven~cured between uses. I love it.

Oh, wait…

Back in the 70’s Nepalese Temple Balls were choice It was really cool when you got one with the camel stamped on it, and since they were opium~laced they provided a wonderful high. Hot~knifing NTB’s was almost lethal, though.

Haven’t smoked pot in over a decade, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, for pretending you didn’t read the OP.
If I’d asked what brand of marijuana you liked, would you have answered that?
Maybe you just like me and hate to see my threads get 0 replies.
Carina,Carina,42, 42, how are you , how are you? Do you remember the song COrina(maybe spelled that way) by, I think, Big Joe Turner? And you whooshed over my head with hot-knifing and NTBs. Wha…?
Awaiting some real dope answers other than what a dope I am to think I could get away with the pot question.

NTB’s: Nepalese Temple Balls. Sticky black Indian hash shipped in golf-sized-balls. If purchased whole, there was a camel stamped on them. They were commonly threaded with white ribbons of opium. Hard to come by, but my favourite muggles :slight_smile: high.

Hot-Knife: Make paper cone. Heat two knives till red hot. Have someone crush a wad of hash between the knives while you inhale entire wad in one giant toke. Fall over.

Ahhh…Art School, Europe in the seventies! woo hoo.

LOTS of people have done the Corina Corina song, ageless6. People are always singing it to me.

KB, Misty, K2, Orange Bud, Shiva… How can you ask such a question without recieving multiple answers? Its aaallllll good. Not that I smoke weed…

Any nederhash is excellent. And these aren’t illegal experiences I’m about to relate 'cause I used to live in Holland and got to know the herb legally :wink:

The craziest stuff I’ve ever tried by far is “skuff” in Amsterdam. It’s crystals more than weed, you can get it wet and sloppy like hash, too. Actually the strongest single dose I ever had was just one hit off of something a Rastafarian I met grew in his own house and pressed into some sort of thick resin. I was completely incapacitated, they could use that stuff instead of mase for crowd control!

As for breeds, I generally liked to smoke sativas in the day or at parties for the light high. Indica heavy weed and hash gives a heavier high and so many Dutch use very little of it and mix it well with tobacco.

Northern Lights was of course a classic invention of Holland and many excellent cross breeds have been made of it. I tend to like things with a citrus taste, like the aptly named Citrus Weed :slight_smile:

Bubblegum is one of the stickiest weeds I’ve ever tried and it’s strong. It’s just such a bitch to roll!

Anyway, I hope more people reply to you dude, and NOT about cooking teflon. The OP was quite clear, and one cooking pot joke would have been quite enough ;Þ

Oh, and you should REALLY come to Amsterdam if you haven’t, it’s the place to find your REAL favorite :wink:

— G. Raven

I had a day between planes in Amsterdam last June. The SO & I rented bikes & went all over the place. Do you realize how freakin’ difficult it is to find a regular coffee shop there!? (Around the sleazy center of the city, anyway.)
:rolleyes: I had a contact high just walking past all the smoke cafes.

Lawdy lawdy. Made me feel old. And glad I’m not 20 again… :smiley:

Since pot aficionados seem to be gathering in this thread, I will – if no one objects – hijack it a little bit to repose a question I posed in GQ to little avail: Has anyone ever been to Cheech and Chong’s in Amsterdam? A friend of mine got something called “skunkweed” there and it made her trip pretty seriously.

I saw this thread and thought, “Het lots of cooking junkies talking about their favourite brand of frying pan, but wouldn’t be funny if I pretended it was about cannabis”.


damn, im a professional cook, and the first thing i thought of wuz weedout. k2, northern lights, blueberry, any of that bad bad shit from the seed bank will hit you tween the eyes with a ball peen hammer. and thats a good thing.

My favorite brand is The Kind (as is kind bud, haw!) I Didn’t Pay For.

Northern Lights, Blue Berry, Bubble Berry, BC’s, Moon Goddess, K’s, Frosted Flakes, Kryptonite, Christmas Tree, and countless other ‘brands’.

Of those, Northern Lights is my favorite. Mellow buzz, no paranoia, and lasts for hours with two hits.

Hawaiian Northern Lights, Northern Lights, Northern Lights #5, Afgani, Bubble Gum, Blueberry, White Widow, Humbolt Honeydew, etc…

A daily smoker for roughly 5 years, I quit about a month ago. I’m sure I’ll get back into it sometime, but at the moment I’m somewhat tired of it.

Royal Chronic. Humboldt County KB. The best high I’ve ever had from any drug ever. I sometimes fantasize about it while masturbating.

yeah, jbird! screw that penthouse shit!!


I HATE living in the South! We have exactly two choices when it comes to pot: nasty Mexican garbage OR kind bud, which you’d have to take out a second mortage on your house to afford, and it still isn’t nearly as good as the kind bud that the Northerners get.

Ah well. In a couple years, it’s off to Oregon I go, where I’m sure my wife will qualify for a pot card, thus allowing us to grow copious amounts of dope. Well, okay, maybe not copious - I guess adequate would be the word I’m looking for here. Still, beats the hell out of this brown, seedy trash.

At this point, “whatever I can get.” We’re going through a dry spell up here in Seattle…