What's your favorite misguided Pit thread?

Most Pit threads are pretty decent and on target. A few are sorta wonky. And every now and then, one is so misguided and mistaken in its premise that it becomes pure comedy gold. Og love the authors of those threads, they usually start out with such vitriol, and end up wiping egg off of their faces, embarrassed but usually in good spirits. They always seem to take criticism well, to their credit.

What’s your favorite?

Mine has to be the complaint about a credit card commercial. In it, two black men are customers at some store. The blonde Barbie Doll cashier can’t tell them apart, and so asks both for ID. The OP went off on that, thinking it horrible that the commercial implied that all black people look alike. How dare they be so racist? As it turns out, the black men did look alike, being that they were identical twins.

Fuck You Visa You Damn Racist Motherfuckers

There was one where everybody disregarded the OP and indulged themselves in an earnest discussion of cheese. Don’t remember which one it was but cracked me right up it did.

Spongemom’s dead cats and Spongemom’s “daddy”.

Not sure how that fits in to the Comedy Gold intent that I am reading from the OP. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that the OP was after memorable trainwrecks.

Not being familiar with the thread in question, I can’t comment on it either way.

I was looking more for threads that started with all sorts of sound and fury, and when enlightened with the most basic of bloody obvious facts, died with an Emily Latella-style “Nevermind.”

For example, there was one thread pitting yet another commercial, in which a man was in a Best Buy or something similar, and he was fantasizing that he was Spiderman. I can’t seem to find the link. Anyway, the OP complained that that was a racist portrayal of how blacks act, when in fact it was more of a guy thing than a black thing.

I give you That Best Buy commercial featuring that spastic black man.

I remember that one as well; I hope someone can remember which thread and link to it because it was quite amusing.

Found it! Going off topic-boooooo!

Good catches.

Oh, I think those two Spongemom threads qualify as misguided. Maybe not so obviously as others mentioned, but misguided all the same.

Any of the many Pit threads directed personally at me. :smiley:

I just skimmed the daddy one. That was not misguided. That was just…


So far the Visa one mentioned in the OP gets my vote.

I have to go with “I burning your dog.”

I didn’t understand it, but I still sent the link to others who then failed to understand it but giggled helplessly.

The blimp thread is widely regarded, and I also admire it myself. But it just seemed somewhat contrived; not that that didn’t make it any less amusing. The “I burning your dog” thread was misguided seemingly in an apparently clueless way; that’s what makes it so amusing.