What's your favorite part of a cat?

That just means you are smarter than they are. It’s a great name.

That which I’m looking for? I don’t think it’s in here. I’m going to back out and go someplace else.

O. M. G.

I desperately need a cat! I’ve got one of The Daughter’s cats on loan, but it’s just not the same as having Your Very Own Cat.

I thought FOR SURE my family members would take pity on me, and I’d wind up with a half-dozen or so kittens. But NO. NO cat for Christmas for this catless Grandma!

I need my own baby!


Oh dear… I hear distant ripples in The Universe’s Petfinder division… Stand back! :scream_cat:

Behold your next amazon delivery:

It might take some work to find a good ‘fit’ but local shelters and the like often have lovely rescue kittehs - especially with some of the COVID based ups and downs of ownership. Vets sometimes also help rehome cats that were bad matches with pre-existing family cats, which is where I got one of mine.

– hate beams sent to those who got cats and other pets for ‘companionship’ during lockdowns and dumped them because it was too much work–

Not that as a board cat follower you didn’t know all of the above, but just in case someone else comes across the thread from the wildlands of the internet. :chuckle:

I think those news stories were wrong: American Pets Alive! | The Data's In: No, 'Pandemic Pets' Weren't Returned to Shelters—but Shelters Do Need Help

I don’t know the degree it was a nationwide issue, true, but sadly had two co-workers who DID. Granted, they lived in apartments, and a lack of space during lockdowns can quickly make a pet more stress than relief, but . . . they get the eye beams from me.

The velvet on the top of the nose.

I had a cat that would aggressively clean between my toes. But only if I hadn’t already washed them. If my feet were clean she wasn’t interested.

It’s better than sex IMHO

No excuse. Shame and fie on them.


As disgusting as this sounds, I have to confess we grew up with a cat who loved stinky sneakers. If you kicked off your sneakers in the living room, he would stick his head deep into the shoe, and then come out like he was drunk on catnip!


The purr. But also the back. While i loved to fondle the belly of my wonderful coon cat, a lot of cats don’t like that. But almost all cats like a nice backrub.

The part that makes the rest of the cat leave my immediate vicinity before I sneeze my entire brain out my nose (allergies).

Even though there are countless enjoyable things about my cat, for this thread I’ve chosen the fur. I’m sure I could love a hairless cat, but a fluffy cat is so… feline.

Our Potato has so many different types of hair to explore. On his face it is short and glossy, with a fluffier eyebrow area that has a few super long curly hairs like an old man’s eyebrows. His long whiskers curl up and meet the eyebrow whiskers curling down. Some of his ear hairs are extra long and start to curl all the way around the ear shell. He has fake chubby cheeks - I can put my whole finger into his cheek before it hits the face.

His hair is smooth and glossy on his back, but soft and curly like a sheep on the stomach. Between his toes he has tufts of light hair of ridiculous length - I imagine it would be like having one of those troll doll heads growing out of your palm, and always stepping on the front of your loose sock when you walk. I particularly adore his fake buttocks - I enjoy smoothing down the hair on his thighs to make him look slim, then fluffing it up again to make him have junk in the trunk. His fluffy tail sways like a flame when it’s raised vertically; inside is a ridiculously thin stem, just a strip of skin and bones.

Potato loves being brushed. He comes running when I jiggle the furminator. Usually in one sitting I can brush out enough to roll it into a ball larger than he could choke on, and then I toss it on the floor for him to play with. This is an absolutely irresistible cat toy. He usually fetches it right back so I can throw it again.

I love all of this, including the name Potato.

My avatar is sitting behind me on my chair, and I can feel his warm fluff against the small of my back where I have some skin exposed. It’s the best.

The prime kitty-skritch area stretches from behind the ear (either ear), down the neck, and across the back. Kitties lean into the skritches, causing interesting contortions then head-butts to prompt another round.

Other - for skritches, the elevator butt spot right in front of the tail!

But also, surprise kitty snuggles. My Rocket J. Squirrel was a standoffish cat - and a very nervous cat. I adopted him while my Velcro was alive and though they tolerated each other, Rocket wanted more friendship than Velcro was willing to give.

About a month after Velcro died, I adopted Juno, mostly because Rocket was not happy as a solo cat. She was 3-4 months old when I adopted her and he loved her from the start. .And his whole personality has shifted. From a cat who would run when I came home from work, he now explores his space - yesterday he came into the bathroom while the dreaded shower was running! But the best part is that while he’s not a lap cat, he regularly comes up and demands attention. And of course he gets that when he wants it.