What's your Halloween costume?

I’ll tell her that, voguevixen. If she knew such a thing could make us ‘famous’, she’d have probably found the money somehow :slight_smile:

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight

Tomorrow at work, we have our party and are allowed to dress up for the day. I’m going as the scariest thing I can think of–myself at seventeen. AAAH! Mostly just an excuse to wear ratty jeans, sneakers and a bad attitude for a day. Mabe I’ll get so into character that I’ll end up ditching and going to Taco Bell.

I’ll be there
Where I’ll teach what I’ve been taught
And I’ve been taught…

I’m going as a pirate this year…no sword though. I tried on my outfit today and I’m thinking that I’m going to be mighty cold on Halloween night. My friend is going as Joker. He bought (all women’s) a purple sports coat and purble pants, along with an orange silk shirt and teal vest at the Goodwill store near our college. And today we went shopping and got white gloves and almost got the hair spray and squirting flower to finish the costume but the line was half a store long and we needed to catch the bus back to the dorms. The oddest thing is how stupid he looks until he’s wearing the entire outfit and then he looks exactly like the Joker.
If anyone is out near RIT and wants to bring us someplace to go trick or treating we’d certainly appraciate it. :slight_smile:

No Halloween for me this year. :frowning:
Mean old English teacher! How dare you assign research paper deadlines to overlap holidays!


White Wolf

“Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we’re born.” -Gary Mark Gilmore

This year I have decided to be a purple butterfly, complete with wings antennae and sheer luminous dress. I like the pirate idea… but I am a piratelady the other 364 days of the year =)

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

I’ve got three costumes this year:

  1. For the church Halloween party, I’m going as a civilian.

  2. When I go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday night, I’ll be dressing as a whore. Apparently, the black and red lace teddy, black spandex micromini, black heels and fuck me red nail polish are so very slutty, that my parents have forbidden me to leave the house like that, my boyfriend demanded I wear something else, and my brother’s friends who are still scared of girls told him that I’m “hot.”

  3. For trick-or-treating, I’m going as a princess. Mostly because it takes a whole 2 minutes to get ready…

Mr. Rilch and I are very into Peanuts, and we have a friend who is, also. Earlier this year, I discussed with them the possibility of dressing up for Halloween as Charlie Brown (Mr. Rilch), Linus (Steve) and Lucy (me). They agreed, more or less, as long as procuring the costumes was up to me. Last week, I asked them if they still wanted to do that. Suddenly, they never remembered agreeing to this; Mr. Rilch wants to be Darth Maul, and Steve doesn’t want to suck his thumb all night. I pressed them on it, and finally they admitted that they had agreed because they had thought I wouldn’t remember asking; they thought they were agreeing to nothing. Well, I’m not going to be Lucy on my own, especially since that would be the most expensive costume (I would need a wig, saddle shoes, and precisely the right dress), so I’m going to wear last year’s costume: a large order of fries from McD’s. But next year, I’ll be Charlie Brown.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

My best friend and I were lounging in the living room, trying to think of a costume for her when she suddenly blurted “I’m going as a lamp!”

We bought a lampshade and a small light. Cut a big hole in the side of the shade, and put it on her head. She dressed all in black, complete with a cord, and taped the light inside. She won first prize at the office party. I think it’s the simplicity of the idea that makes it so funny. People doubled over when they saw her in the hall.

I’m wearing it to Athens, Ohio for the Halloween party down there. So, if you should happen to see a walking lamp . . .

Hey, Lissa, LTNS! Are you coming to the Columbus Bash next weekend?

My wife is a big fan of Pepe Le Pew so with a black leotard and some white strips of cloth, she will become Penelope (Pepe’s love interest). I, on the other hand, will be a tall tube of Colgate toothpaste.

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’”
E A Poe


“Fuck me red” nail polish or “Fuck me” red nail polish.

Just Curious. Very curious.

We had to work 6 hours yesterday, mandatory overtime. Wasn’t that bad. Some of the younger women there decided to wear their jammies to work as a costume and political statement. The political statement was, I guess, it’s a goddamn pain to get off work at midnight and have to be back there at 8 am.
I didn’t hear about the costume thing till I got there yesterday; I’m out of that loop. When I was asked what my costume was, I just said that I was your worst nightmare, I’m the guy who’s gonna date your daughter.

Ranger Jeff
*The Idol of American Youth *
Riders In The Sky

Nicky’s robot costume is done, and Sparky has a store-bought Superman costume…

<img src=http://fathom.org/nicky/robot5thm.jpg>
click for bigger picture

PS it has lights on it that really work, and flash when you push a button.

O p a l C a t

I’m going to dress up like a woman. Pants, a t-shirt, sweater, boyish haircut.

Nothing I write about any person or group should be applied to a larger group.

  • Boris Badenov

so I went to the speech tournament and forgot my hula girl necktie; I had to borrow an ordinary necktie from a friend.

I’ve never worn an ordinary necktie in my life; I always need to have hula girls or casino props or cartoon characters or ice cream scoops or lady bugs or some strange thing on them.

So I wore an ordinary necktie. Unintentional, but for me, definitely a costume.

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight

For one party, I was Raggedy Ann (my girlfriend being Raggedy Andy.)

Last night I was Zorro, the legendary masked hero of Spanish California. Unfortunately, due to the advertising campaign of a local mexican fast food chain, everybody asked me why I wasn’t carrying hot sauce on me. Where’s the respect?

J’ai assez vécu pour voir que différence engendre haine.

I was the not so original devil. But hey, it fits me perfectly!

Love Always and Forever,
Heather Lee