What's your local weather forecast for Election Day?

And give us an idea where you are, of course.

Northern Illinois – the forecast is for “Mainly sunny, high near 70.” Pretty good!

Northwest San Juan Mountains - Snow showers.

Honolulu - Clear and Sunny - 81H 68L

Iowa – record highs predicted for today and tomorrow – high 70’s, maybe 80. It was warm and muggy at 8 a.m.

Severe weather likely Wednesday – they’re talking about tornadoes. :eek:

Central coast of California - 70s and overcast at sea level, 60s and rainy above 1000’

Rhode Island - mostly sunny, high of 64.

60ish and sunny. Awesome for SE Michigan in November.

Raining, pouring, old man snoring, etc.

30% chance of rain. South Central PA

According to Weather.com, mid-to-high 60s and sunny most of the day.

Unseasonably warm and dry for NE Ohio on Election day. I think the last 3 times I voted, it rained.

Blood-red skies, rains of sulfur and brimstone, wailing of the damned…

(Clear and sunny with a high of 17 C–seriously gorgeous weather.)

Yup. Good news for Obama. I’ll be canvassing and/or phonebanking all day.

According to this blog it will be warm in Obama’s home town. (I just wanted to post that because they used my picture, taken 10 1/2 months ago, on a day when snow was on the ground in Chicago – it looks warmer than that in the picture, because the Sun was setting over the city.)

Southern Germany - Partly cloudy, 59 degrees Fahrenheit, although I’ll be getting the results early Wednesday, which will also be partly cloudy and 56

I hope German weather won’t affect turnout in American swing states. :smiley: