Hows the weather there?

Ah, we have been doing good. The last few days in North ohio have been in the 60’s!
I wish it were this way all winter.
No snow yet, and its almost December!
I recall a Nov. a few years ago, when we had 2 feet of snow.
So, hows it where you are? You like it?

(stands up to peer over the cubicle walls to see out of the building…) Snowing.

My wife came into the computer room in a panic last night, saying the weather reports were predicting a huge snowstorm overnight (well, 6", anyway), so I should go into the back yard and pull in all the lawn furniture and put away the garden hose and shave the cats, all that usual stuff. At 10:00 at night.

Got up this morning and the streets were damp. No snow to speak of.

Now they’re saying we’re going to get tons of snow this afternoon (well, 6", anyway). I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m being a bit more laid-back about snow this year because we have a tentative commitment from our son that he’s going to do all the shoveling this winter. I’ll believe that when I see it, too.

Saint Paul, by the way.

Pretty clear here, Brighton UK. Nice and sunny, albeit a tad chilly! Quite interesting watching the sun set at 3.30pm.

The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful. :wink:

Sunny, 75[sup]o[/sup], with a high of 82[sup]o[/sup].

I love Florida.

Unfortunately, it’s going to get really cold by the end of the week. Low of 28[sup]o[/sup] on Friday.

I love Florida.

Here in Dili, East Timor, it is hot and humid! Lately, we have been experiencing some heavy rains and strong winds, but it is still hot (90’s) and humid 82%).


Freezing rain followed by a huge amount of snow although in Alberta we don’t need to call in the military when it snows hard.

It’s a wee bit chilly today at -10 but at least the wind isn’t blowing.

The roads are a mess but on the bright side, there were only 75 vehicle accidents after our first real snowfall.

The forecast is for cold and crappy to be followed by more cold and crappy. At least they’re putting the ice in across the street so I can work out my weather angst by playing a little shinny with the boys.

Dark and cold in London… I hate winter in the UK - why am I here when it is summer in Cape Town? Oh yes!! Currency exchange rates… :frowning:


~~In the 70’s

It’s the same outdoors as indoors today, tempwise…

The rest is cloudy…

About 4" of snow here in Colorado. Very pretty. I wish it would snow more!

Sunny and 60 degrees, as usual. Unfortunately, it’s also about 60 degrees in my office, because I work for the gummint and they don’t plan on letting us have any heat until December.

Just about as good as it gets here on the southern coast of Jalisco,Mexico. 82 high,62 low and the sky is deep blue and clear as a bell. The water temp is 79 and hardly a soul on the beach.

This place is hard to beat.

The air is the air, what can be done?

It’s about 60 and mild in New York City today but that should change any minute now. Fall is unpredictable here.

Oh to be in Florida! I would like to run away to the Keys and not give the fam a forwarding address. Only VarlosZ would be able to find me.

I’m a little way out of Manchester, UK and it’s raining. No surprise there then :wink:

We ended up getting about 3" of snow and, my god, the drama. You wouldn’t think people would forget that snow was slippery from one year to the next, but hey. Somebody rear-ended my wife’s car where it was parked on the outside of a curve. It was a replacement cheapo we bought last year after her previous car got rear-ended while parked on that same street… I’m thinking maybe she should consider parking on a side street.

Anyway. Cold. Wet. Light snow. Wind. Freezing rain. Yay, weather.

Charleston, SC
Hot as crap. I keep forgetting we’re in a heat wave, and I wore a turtleneckto work today. Heard on the radio that it will be 82 degrees by midday. Ack!
It was freezing end of last week. Who knows?
Oh-Ehilrist-ummm-call me dumb but I dont get the
“shaving the cats” reference. Is is a Northern joke?
Explain please?

Howdy from Sunny South Jawja! Right now it’s 64 with a high predicted in the mid eighties. Last week the average high was mid 60’s. Next week who knows! We’ll either be in shorts or pulling out the coats again. It will get cold but no ice and snow! YEHAAAAAA! Damn, now that I said it they’ll be a big ol snow or ice storm in January or February. Why, oh why, can’t I learn to just shut up!

Denver is cold and icy with some snow, although the sun seems to be peeking out just about now. Fat lot of good it’s doing though!

Current weather conditions for Denver, CO:

Currently: 3 F
Condition: Scattered Clouds
Real Feel: 3 F
Dewpoint: 1
Humidity: 90 %
Visibility: 10 mi
Wind: SSE/5 mph