We got snow last night

I’m in the Southern Highlands, south-west of Sydney. The snow was just in flurries and didn’t settle on the ground. But it was definitely snowing. A couple of days ago it seemed that spring was about to arrive. But winter has decided to have another fling. And it’s very chilly today.

And here in PA fall is just around the corner! Hooray!

I call Summer. We’ve had a 2 day heat wave in Seattle with the temperature soaring to 90ish. Tomorrow should peak around 81 and the 10 day forecast has us peaking in the 60’s by Wednesday.

90ish is what we call relief from the heat in Tucson. Accompanying that are some thundershowers, but I’ll take a few of them.

Snow in the winter? Just before spring?

Never heard of such a thing in Canada.

Here in MN it’s just perfect with highs around 75 and lows down to the high 40s (Fahrenheit, of course). It won’t snow here until at least September.

I’m 110 miles north of you. It’s much cooler here. (Must be that frigid Canadian air seeping across the border.)

The other day, a local TV weather guy said, “a cold front will be moving in so we should get a break in the heat with a high of only 98• F tomorrow.”

“Only” 98! I’d laugh, but I’m wiped out from heat exhaustion.