What's YOUR malted-milk powder?

I try to keep Horlick’s around the house.

My 7-year-old is skinny for his age and a persnickety eater, so every night after dinner and before bed we give 'im a Banana Frosted Shake (thanks to Jane & Michael Stern’s Square Meals for the nomenclature) which is basically a milkshake with a banana in it, flavored with Fox’s U-Bet chocolate or vanilla syrup. For the past several months I’ve been adding a tablespoon or two of Horlick’s to the blender.

Horlick’s is a nightmare to find in the local shops, being a British product, and the supply is running low…I was thinking of switching to Ovaltine or Carnation.

Ya know, I haven’t seen Horlick’s in probably 35 years. I thought the only option out there was Carnation. I’ll have to rekindle the search!

Well, y’know, it IS New York City.

The only items I’m having real trouble finding are Horlick’s and Peychaud’s Aromatic Cocktail Bitters. Angostura just isn’t the same.

Does Horlick’s taste better? We’ve always just used Carnation’s.

Milo. My son loves it.

BTW, does anyone know whether it’s pronounced MEE-lo or MY-lo?

It looks like you can order Horlick’s online. Just google it.

I grew up with Carnation malt and it’s pretty good too.

Cadbury’s Bournvita

I’ve seen Milo available in many Asian grocery stores, fyi. Actually I always wondered what it was! No I know.

As a child, we went the Ovaltine route.

Choco Kinder powder. Alas, no powdered toy surprise inside.

Hey, the Key Food on 7th Avenue got the Horlick’s back in! They moved it to the Jamaican food section, next to the jerk seasoning and pigeon peas, so it wasn’t shelved with the other malted milk powders. I guess it’s popular with the West Indian population.

Shib: It just seems maltier to me than the other brands. I never did a comparison taste test, though, as one jar is a six-month supply around here.

Horlicks is what we have in the cupboard.

In the US isn’t Carnation the main malt maker? From what I remember it is also much sweeter than Horlicks as well.

Ovaltine is also quite yummy (UK version anyway).

. . . I’ll bet the Horlick’s cows just aren’t as contented.

I say MY-lo.

I buy the powder here in Canada, but can’t find the Milo chocolate bar that was popular when I was in Australia a few years ago. The McDonalds there served Milo McFlurries, which, after the Milo bar is the yummiest thing on earth.

Sorry, I’m getting all misty-eyed over the Key Food on 7th Ave. I grew up on Garfield between 6th & 7th. Be there for Passover, actually. Park Slope Dopefest?

I’m on Garfield between 7th and 8th. You expect me to walk a whole block?

Bring me a bottle of Peychaud’s bitters from Michigan, and you’re on.