What's your Melania Trump theory?

Mrs. Labor believes that FLOTUS went to the hospital on May 14 for one of the following reasons:
[li]She was rushed there due to injuries from a suicide attempt[/li][li]She was taken due to injuries sustained after POTUS beat her[/li][li]Hi Opal![/li][/ul]

We believe these are possibilities but have no insight or proof of any kind.

What’s your theory?

My theory is that she’s a 48-year-old woman under tremendous amounts of stress and scrutiny and sometimes 48-year-old women take ill and require surgery. This administration is disastrous enough without the need to make up conspiracy theories.

My theory is that she actually went there for the reasons stated by the White House. Trump lies constantly, but I think he actually told the truth about this particular event.

Stephen Miller ate her.

Trump’s a fat old man. Melania could probably kick his ass if he tried to beat her.

My WAG is that she went for some kind of kidney procedure (as the WH claimed), but there were serious surgical complications, which can happen to anyone. Then the WH reflexively lied about her condition instead of admitting that she was still recovering. What necessitated the original procedure, I have no idea. Kidney stones? Some type of infection? A type of cancer? Who knows? But the ham handed cover-up certainly fuels speculation. They could have come out with a statement giving enough details to quiet speculation and asking for “privacy for the family”, and that probably would have satisfied most people. Instead, Trump has to pretend everything is normal, going as far as pointing to a window where Melania was suppose to be watching (she wasn’t), which makes the whole thing positively Hitchcockian.

That you and your wife have too much time on your hands.

Unfortunately, he has 24/7 security around him that would leap to his defense.

During the surgery, a Soros backed group switched Melania’s brain with Hillary’s brain as way of infiltrating the White House. It looks like Melania but acts like and screeches like Hillary.

PS- If SNL writes a skit like this, I’m going to sue.

Well, so does she.

The Stepford Company® called her in for her 50,000 km check-up and fluid change.

Loathe though I may be to defend the current administration and its family members, it’s really none of anybody’s business.

Okay, I’ll bite:

I think Melania want out of this marriage and the people in her orbit are putting ridiculous pressure on her to not pull that trigger.

I think she had a facelift. In the aftermath, she’s bleeding badly and can’t appear in public.

I speculated at one point that she went in for an abortion. :slight_smile:

She left.

The “interesting” thing is that her personal Twitter account recently changed her location from D.C. to NYC, while the FLOTUS account has her remaining in D.C.

She’s probably bleeding from “wherever”.

With a side order of watching too much TV. You hear about a medical problem and immediately assume some sort of domestic battery? In the White House?

Isn’t Barron too old?