What's your "never going to win" argument with your SO?

I happened to remember this when pondering another thread I was going to start in Café Society, but when I was married to the Ex#2, he always insisted on doing our taxes by hand, on paper, from the forms available for free at the library. My argument was that because he was the sole proprietor AND within our first year of marriage we gained two babies, that we were better of seeking a tax professional to help us maximize our returns but for 10 years of marriage, he remained steadfast in doing it himself.
He was decent and open minded with just about everything else in our marriage (which is what lead to our divorce :eek:) but he was stubbornly angry about this once a year task that we should have jointly handled.

So do tell, what’s one argument you’re never going to win with your SO?

That it doesn’t matter that the dishwasher door is ever so slightly ajar. It doesn’t stick out at all so you can’t walk into it. Also, it’s a Bosch, which doesn’t dry the dishes with a heating element, and it’s always slightly damp inside after a cycle is finished. Leaving the door ajar lets the dishes dry better overnight.

But my argument goes unheard, and he angrily slams it shut every morning.

any of them.

That people actually use their comforters. He is insistent that you don’t use your comforter, basically that it’s for decoration. I’ll suggest that there’s maybe a difference between fine un-washable duvets and a 50 dollar (if that) Target find. He will sort of smirkily indulge me spreading it out over us, but by the time I wake up, we’re shivering under just a top sheet and the comforter is kicked back into its regular home (wadded up next to the bed).

What does “clean” mean. To me, as long as something is not sticky or smelly, it’s clean. A pile of books in the corner on a stack of papers with pens sticking out of it is “clean” to me, as long as they’re not sliding across the floor. Once the pile can’t get any higher vertically, it needs to be organized.

No kiddin, amiright? lmao

Mine: I argue that she need not be a people pleaser - the people that don’t deserve it won’t care, and those that do miss out because you’re so busy kissing ass to the people that don’t deserve it.

Does he literally? Or is he just hot blooded? Because if I feel asleep with just a sheet over me I’d wake up shivering under the mattress desperate for some kind of warmth.

I use a comforter year round - the light one in summer and the heavy one in winter. We keep our house frosty, and the bedroom even more so.

Which way to hang the toilet paper. It’s worked out so he basically has one bathroom, and I have the other, and we can choose our own orientation. Also, the person to change the roll gets to choose, which leads to people not leaving three squares on the roll and calling it good. :slight_smile:

I had this argument in reverse, once, with my ex-wife.

At the time, I was in my early thirties. I had been doing my (and our) taxes every year by hand, on paper, from the forms available for free at the library, since I held my first job at 14. She had seen a commercial on television where you could bring in your records from previous years, and they would go though them and magically find you extra money. I assured her that our taxes weren’t that complicated, that I had always double or triple checked anything, and that this would be a waste of time. She was adamant that we do it.

So, we did. What ended up happening was them not having the time to look through our previous records, and me sitting there telling the guy how to do our taxes (that he had missed Hope Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit, among other things) and then us paying something like $150 for the experience, at a time when we weren’t exactly raking in the money.

he he he…I would almostthink we crossed paths except you tried the pro route ONCE.

No, I didn’t burn the scallops. She’ll go to her graving saying I did.

Wife: Good god, where do I start? Oh, yeah, by moving out.

SO: No, Aspartame is not going to kill me.

Immigration, what to do with children of those who entered illegally and related topics such as English Is Not Our Official Language, Dammit!

Overall, he’s a lovely chap, but he’s a bit of an asshole about The Illegals. I think it comes from spending some formative young adult years in law enforcement circles in Arizona. We’ve agreed we’d just be best off not talking about it ever again.

For various reasons, from the radiation giving me tumors, to the waves themselves de-magnetizing my brain tissue, using the microwave will kill me.

Reading in the dark is bad for my eyesight.

40% of your heat loss is through your head. Ugh.

Of course, I have some as well, the most horrifying to her being the “5 second rule.”

That I don’t need movies narrated for me. Yes, I know he fell in the water. I know the car just blew up. I KNOW that’s Sherlock Holmes! I’m watching the same damn film you are!

I’m not the only one that eats off the dishes and cooks with the pots, so why the hell am I the only one that does the f*cking dishes?

He made spaghetti one night and after I finished the rest of the dishes, I left the pot with the dried tomato sauce on the stove for two weeks to see if he would get a clue and wash the pan. Nope.

If I want him to do anything around the house, I ‘just have to ask’, according to him. I decided that two can play that game and I didn’t lift a finger for about 3 days. No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry. I figured that no one had ‘asked’ me to do those chores, so I stopped doing them. Big blow out ensued when I snarkily informed him that he had not asked me to fix dinner so he could have PB&J for all I cared.

Anything change? Nope.

Now I can have both sides of the argument in my head, lose as usual, get pissed, get over it, and move on. All while doing the dinner dishes.

Well, no wonder.

It’s 3 seconds.

I’m separated now (thank God) but for 19 years I lived with someone who was never wrong about anything, ever. I’m not kidding. And never once in 19 years did she utter the words “I’m sorry.” Yep, always right about everything, and won every argument. Well, argument is a stretch. I’d just give up and capitulate. I see now that wasn’t necessarily the best game plan on my behalf.

I actually though of keeping a diary of this kind of crap, but it sounded like too much work.

I could write a book.

Yeah I’m always surprised this is something people pay money for if they’re aren’t operating a business. Taxes are pretty darn easy for most of the population.

I’m not married, but my grandfather always insisted that everyone use the back door to their house. I never heard a peep about this from my grandmother. But after he died, she always had everyone use the front door.

That Democrats might be partly to blame for the mess in Washington. She gets pretty strident about it.