What's your oldest "tech toy"?

Back in 1988/89, I purchased a Radio Shack “Illuma Storm” plasma globe, the globe is about 10" across, it still amazes me to this day that I still have it, and it works great, I mean, a 10" fragile glass ball, I would have expected it to have broken ages ago, I guess I’m so paranoid about shattering this irreplaceable device that I tend to baby it, it’s one of my oldest, longest lasting purchases, and I still use it almost every night, for a few minutes to hours, there’s just something mesmerizing about the arcing lightning bolts reaching towards my hand

So, what is the oldest still functioning tech-toy in your posession

ones I wish I still had…
My Milton Bradley “Big Trak”(rear axles snapped and superglue would not glue them back on)
My Milton-Bradley “Merlin” electronic game

A TI SR-50 that I got in 1975. I had it modified slightly to run direct from the power cord even with a dead battery and it still works fine.

“Chess Challenger II” - circa 1982. It still beats me handily.

A mini Pac-Man arcade game (about 8" tall, as opposed to, say, a keychain fob). It doesn’t really work anymore, though; the metal contacts for the batteries rusted. :frowning:

I think I had a ChessMasterII and I never beat it… then the electronics went a bit wonky. I finally tossed it out a few months ago.

My 1990 Game Boy still works. Over Christmas I showed my kids the joys of Tetris and Qix. Of course, it’s heavy as hell compared to their DS Lites.

I had a Merlin. It saw regular, though not excessive, active duty. My earliest though was a Pong console, like the one pictured here, second from the top: link

I’m pretty sure it’s still kicking around in the basement. I suspect Merlin is lurking in the closet right next to me.

Same here… I still have Tetris, Mario Bros, a racing game and one called Mind Bender.

Casio FX-601P programmable calculator, which I think I would have bought in 1982. Still sits and gets used on my desk today.

I have sitting in my office my original Blip. Works fine - got it for my B-Day in 1978.

I still have my original nintendo system, along with the pistol and R.O.B. the robot (all in working condition). Woo-hoo excite-a-bike! Oh yeah, and I have a hand me down beta max player and a couple videos for it that also still work.

I still have my Magnavox 300, though I haven’t played it in decades.

I’d have to say the betamax player from the early 80’s my grandpa bought. I have a B: drive in one of my computers, just for shits and giggles. A whole box of disks for it too. The oldest tech toy I actually use regularly? Hmm I’m not sure.

I have a TI-55 calculator from 1981, the rechargeable battery is shot but I can use the AC adapter and it works fine. It’s funny using a calculator with a it’s old fashioned super bright red LED display.

My brother still has our “family” Atari 2600, which was given to him by an older cousin. It went off to two younger cousins and then came back to us about 5 years ago. He’s got it set up in his basement, and has a surprising number of games for it.

Does tech have to be electronic, or even electric?

If not, I have a (yarn) clock-winder from c. 1750 and a great wheel from about the same time; additionally on the textile front, my only sewing machines date from 1935 (Singer Featherweight), about 1930 (Singer hand-crank model), and 1904 (Singer treadle machine, the one I use primarily). All of them are in excellent working condition.

I’ve also got a wind-up gramophone from about 1910 which is also in excellent working condition. I have my grandad’s radio from 1929, but that needs a bit of re-wiring.

I still have mine, and it’s hooked up to my 32" LCD TV. Adventure rocks in HD.