What's Your OP Regarding The Health Care Bill....

… as it applies to me?

Due to my fucking dementia, I am jobless.

I am a burden to my wife

I am facing bankruptcy

I am depressed so bad I have considered suicide. (I wouldn’t actually do it mods! So don’t go all freak on me/us, okay? :))

If the “bill” doesn’t pass, then what?

Already got a “Free Clinic” in-line. Got the drug companies (those who offer free drugs to those who cannot afford them) in-line as well.

But I am not the “Bill” y’all knew a year ago.

It happened just that fast, and my eyes are glued to CNN every day.

So what do y’all think?

Is it gonna pass before the end of the year?



  1. Something will pass.
  2. It will have problems.
  3. The program can be worked on once implemented and the problems mitigated.

Something will pass but not until next year.

Whatever passes will end up being far worse than the current system for everyone, not just the poor.

January, at best. Lieberman’s decided to play dog-in-the-manger.