What's your reverse age?

Everyone has an age. Some would rather not admit it. But did you know that you have a reverse age. Here’s how it works:

Take your age (I’m 24). Then simple reverse the numbers (42). So if your age is 24, your reverse age would be 42. I feel old. But that’s ok, because in a couple of years I’ll feel young at 23.

Try it on family, friends, and coworkers. Say you have an aunt who says she’s 63. “No”, you tell her, “you are 36”. What about you? Always wanted to be the older sister or brother. Well, now you can be. So what’s your reverse age? This will be fun during birthday party gatherings.

  1. :eek:

But it’s OK. I’ll be 5 in November.


I’m 3. But I’m almost 13!

I’m 12 going on 22 (no matter how you look at it.)

Same age as my regular age. 22.

  1. That shoots me up from the baby of the family right to the middle of the pack. My sister would be 93. Heh, she might not like that idea too much.

Wouldn’t be too bad if I had the same job I do now.

  1. Sometimes I wish I was 32, because everyone says I look “sooooo (too) young.”

Exactly what the Hell is supposed to be the point of transposing the digits of your age?

12, which explains why I still laugh at poop jokes.

None at all. See the second word in the title of this forum? There you go.

If your like me, it would on like donkey kong! I wouldn’t know which one to stick up my nose first . The coke or the stripper.

A fellow 24 with a GOOD job. :smiley:

This is so not fair!

I’m 45 now.

But in three weeks I’ll be 55.

I so do not want to be 13 again, so I’m not playing this game until next year when I’ll be 23 again. 23 was fun. 13 was hell.

Old man checking in. I’m 83.

That would explain why I feel this way! :smiley:


Well, okay. But screw the red hat club. I want a sword.

  1. Get offa my lawn!

As of next Wednesday I will be 44.

93, which means I’ve been dead a looong time.

Of course, (assuming I get to keep all my current knowledge), I’ll be happy in a couple of months when I become the word’s smartest four-year-old.

  1. I hope to live that long without serious deterioration.