What's your X-Box Live gamer tag (Halo 2)?

So I just got X-Box live hooked up and I’m looking for some dopers to team up with (or shoot in the face :)) for Halo 2.

Also, I’m picking up Doom 3 tomorrow so some co-op buddies would be cool.

My gamertag is Asylum X.

Mine is Skogcat (which happens to be my old SDMB name) but you’re unlikely to see me on either very often, or at the same time as you. I spend a lot of time away from home (and my xbox).

I spend a massive amount of time on halo2. Miltonyz same as on the board.

GariusTheBrit here, although its been a while since i’ve had a chance to play anything.

I’m sure there are other people on Live. I’m a level 6 in Rumble Pit if that helps any.

I’ll be on tonight around 10pm EST if anyone’s interested.


Don’t know if any of you are still on, but I just signed up-- El Escorpio is my tag. It would be good to get a Doper Team Skirmish going one of these days.

The house gamer tag is Spartibartfast. Chances are if you run across that name it is either one of my two kids. (If it is my daughter, keep your head down as she can snipe like there is no tomorrow)

I don’t play Live anymore since they are at level 24 in Team Slayer and 20 in Big Team Battle and that means that I am horribly outclassed and then I bring down the stats. MS should have allowed multiple names off of one account, for exactly this reason.