Whatsit Jr. needs glasses

Apparently he has astigmatism, correctable with glasses. We have to go get the glasses made sometime in the next couple of weeks before kindergarten starts.

Sigh. I was hoping he would inherit MrWhatsit’s good vision, and not my “regularly run into walls without my glasses on” eyes. I am also not excited about the prospect of getting a 5-year-old to keep track of where his glasses are, and keep from breaking them.

The good news is that he thinks glasses are “cool” and is looking forward to getting them. I just hope they don’t have any Thomas the Tank Engine themed frames at the optometrist’s office, or we might be in trouble.

Perhaps a string* around the glasses will help to keep him from losing them. They can hang around his neck if/when he takes them off.

*I know there is a better term for this, but it’s escaping me now.

Kiddo has some very, very cool Spiderman frames when he was in first grade. Fortunately his eyes self-corrected and he doesn’t need them now (fourth grade). We were lucky, he never lost or broke them the whole school year.

I didn’t get glasses till I was in third grade, but I never lost mine, ever. I think some of it has to do with how much better you see when you’re wearing them.

My 8-year-old nephew, who is very energetic, has had glasses for several months now. He takes them off from time to time, but hasn’t managed to lose or break them yet. And he’s prone to breaking and losing stuff.

So maybe there’s hope…


When they finally found out how blind I was and we got me glasses I was so thrilled with being able to see that I kept them on all the time.

Maybe it will be the same for him.

My vision is so bad that I used to wear my glasses all the time. I thought it was normal to put them on first thing in the morning and not take them off until bedtime - I can’t imagine why anyone would want to walk around with blurry vision.

If his vision is enough better with the specs, he’s less likely to lose them. That said, both of mine have managed to misplace theirs but just once or twice.

If your optometrist offers “free replacement” service (ours does, if we pay an extra 10 bucks when we buy the glasses), GO FOR IT. I don’t think that works if the glasses are lost - but if they get mangled/broken/lens lost… well, it just takes one such loss to get payback. We don’t pony up the 10 bucks for our own glasses (Typo Knig and me), but for Moon Unit and Dweezil, it’s paid for itself several times over.

This was also my experience, but I didn’t get glasses until 3rd grade or so. I’m hoping that the vision improvement is enough to make him really want to keep them on.

Funnily enough, I also remember thinking that glasses were cool, when I got them the first time. Hell, I still think they’re cool.