When a butterfly flaps it's wings...

I need some interesting ideas about how a butterfly flapping it’s wings can eventually cause a Perfect Storm.
So wanna play a game? One line each, but I’ll take two as the first line is taken! Help please - I actually need this for something.

A butterfly flaps it’s wings in the depths of the Amazon Jungle.

A tiger stops in it’s tracks to admire the beautiful colors of the butterfly.

A National Geographic cameraman films the tiger, and wonders how it got there from Asia.

Interesting game.

Nitpick: uThere are no tigers in the Amazon river basin.

Could the second sentence go as follows?

A jaguar stops in it’s tracks to admire the beautiful colours of the butterfly.

(After all, since we’re talking about tiny ripples having massive effects, the difference between a tiger and a jaguar may quite change the story you seek!)

My contribution to the continuing story:

A bullet whizzes past the spot the jaguar would have been at just a millisecond after it stops.

Oh dang.
That’ll teach me not to waste time providing links.

And to work with what material I have, rather than creating my own.

crimminy, sorry! i was thinking of China, as that’s where the idea of a butterfly flapping comes from i think!

Okay, so it’s a jaguar! Or we start in China…

Let’s just continue as is?

An orchid bee suddenly stings the photographer, startling him into dropping his camera.

The camera bounces down a hill and falls into a patch of quicksand.

A brilliant scientist working on a cure for cancer, a limitless supply of cheap energy and a really awesome recipe for beer-battered shrimp was slowly working his way out of the quicksand, but the falling camera stuns him and he sinks and dies.

During the next 5 decades, the scientist’s decomposing body creates a gas bubble underneath the quicksand. The bubble suddenly erupts in 2053.

[sub]I actually wanted to do something with the jaguar actually being a car, and further confuse things. Alas, we had already moved on, so I played the game by the rules.[/sub] :slight_smile:

Civil war breaks over who’s responsible for the awful noxious gases. Peace is finally achieved in 2059 after it’s decided to blame the dog.

The dog, in a fit of irritation at being falsely accused, lets rip a fart of pure concentrated evil that manages to kill everyone in the United NAtions building where he lived as mascot

Having killed everyone at the UN building there is nobody to open cans of dog food, the dog dies of starvation after a few weeks

The dogs body decomposes, filling the entire UN building with gas. :smiley:

Since it’s a dog, and it’s not covered by a swamp, this process now ony takes 25 years. The year is 2084, when…

The building is so rank, they call in the Loaizas to implode it.

But they have the map wrong and end up in Mornington Cresent!

Whoops, wrong game.

(ignoring shades contribution)

The Loaizas make a terrible error and the building explodes with a mighty roar showering…

…debris all around. A million people watch this event unfold on their TV sets, all the while wondering what the heck a Loaiza is anyway.

The heat from all those TVs causes a high-pressure system…

…it became so fierce that a Blackhole was created and crushed this world to oblivion.