It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... a cat!


Weird. But the weirdest part of all is the owner’s “explanation”;

[SPOILER]Her explanation is that the cat sprouted the wings after being sexually harassed.

“A month ago, many female cats in heat came to harass him, and then the wings started to grow,” she said.[/SPOILER]

Ananaova has a habit of spreading urban legends. I’ll wait for Snopes to weigh in.

We have an artist friend who painted many pictures of winged cats.

I know our cats would love wings – just to get those cocky birds who think they can just fly off. And the squirrels, too!

And I don’t buy that picture for a minute.

Winged cats have been reported for centuries (there was one in I, Claudius) and they’re usually skin tags or clumps of fur on long haired cats.

It seems to be down at the moment (probably Farked), but has an article on winged cats. If it’s the one I remember, it’s pretty useful.

Dunno about Snopes, but the Museum of Hoaxes seems to think it’s genuine.

Ursula K. Le Guin wrote a children’s book called Catwings about four young cats with wings who fly out of the city and look for a safe place to live. She also wrote sequels to it, but I didn’t know that until I Googled Catwings to confirm the title of the first book. (I am unable to determine at this time whether the winged cats had feathers or fur on their wings.)

My cat tried flying a few nights ago. It didn’t go well.

He climbed up the corner of my house to the roof rafters, and then tried to make his way paw over paw along the side of the building where it met the roof. Eventually he ran out of steam and dropped about fifteen feet to the ground.

There was quite a thunk when he landed, which attracted the neighbour’s dog, who poked him with her nose a few times until the cat started moving.

Much to my relief, the cat was not injured – just a bit stunned for a minute. He loves to climb things, but occasionally overestimates his abilities. I hope he does not climb up to the roof again – either that or I hope he grows some wings.

I think that cat just ate a baby seagull a while back. Now he’s got a full-grown seagull in his tummy :slight_smile:

Hairballs from hell!

I’m going with matted fur.

A cat with wings. Why not. They’ve been known to fly on occasion.

[sub]Yes, I know it’s not real. That doesn’t change the fact that I laugh my ass off every time I see that.[/sub]

Living high-up as I do, I would LOVE to have a cat with wings. FAR less worrisome when it aims for the window.

[Mad Scientist] Flying cars? Oh, I thought you said, “Flying cats!” Back to the ol’ drawing board. [/MS]

you know flying squirrels don’t really fly right? :dubious: