"When a dog runs over a woman with a truck, THAT'S news!"

Today’s AP oddity:

(P.S. the woman’s going to be OK. After awhile.)

Wonder if the dog could be prosecuted for using excessive force?

Yeah, that dog’s gonna be doing traffic duty for a while.

did anyone check that dog’s license ?

Can you imagine the paperwork on that one?

Have you ever noticed that police dogs are worse than other dogs about not using their blinker?

And they totally just turn on their sirens to blow through a red light.

If you hit a police dog it’s considered assault on an officer…

Is this police brutality?

True story:

Kevbabe had been complaining about a noise her pickup truck made only in very cold weather.

One saturday morning comes a blizzard. Kevbabe is called to work (outdoor work) kevbabe lives across street from her employer, so can walk and use company vehicle (4WD).

Kevbo decides he will take kevbabes truck for a spin, and see if he can figure out what the noise is.

Kevdogs declare that this being saturday, they MUST go too.

Kevbo decides it would earn kevbabe points if he takes kevbabe a cupa hot chocolet.

Kevbo stops at small mountain cafe for said foamy sweet delicious beverage.

Kevbo owns vehicle with parking brake that will stick in such weather. Therefor Kevbo intentionally does not set parking brake, and carefully places shift lever in reverse.
Kevbo comes out of cafe carrying two cups of hot chocolate. Dogs see Best Master Ever ™ carrying stuff from resteraunt, and become very excited and animated.

Highly animated Kevdogs knock gearshift lever into neutral.

Truck starts rolling very slowly backward.

Unfortunatly this cafe sells donuts. Therefore a deputy sherriff is driving through the lot. Sees truck rolling backward, so naturally stops right in it’s path.

Kevbo is frantically trying to get Kevbabe keys with stupid purse sized, not pocket sized, fob from pocket so he can unlock truck.

Kevbo realizes this is futile, but truck is moving very slowly.

Kevbo sticks foot behind wheel , thus stopping rolling truck. (not painful, it was just barely moving.

Deputy dog emerges from vehicle walks up and tells kevbo that sticking his foot under wheel wasn’t very smart.

Kevbo inquires if stopping in path of unoccupied rolling vehicle is more or less smart than sticking foot under wheel.

Oh yes, I spilled the hot chocolet (both cups) and never did figure out that noise.

Aw, it was probably just some woman who had gone to check her mail.

That reminds me of a story I saw on tv about an elderly woman who hit a woman in her neighbourhood and dragged her under her car for something like 13 blocks without realizing she had hit someone. That is NOT a good way to die. I hope when I get old I give up driving voluntarily before I reach a state when I kill someone with my car and not even know it.

And no dogs in my car. :smiley:

No dogs where they can reach the controls in my car. :slight_smile:

Teach my dogs how to drive.