When a joke made me a joker: Who knows this presidential mnemonic?

I once heard a mnemonic for remembering the US presidents - the first letter of each word was also the first letter of the presoident’s name.

It starts like this:

When a joke made me a joker, Van hadto poke the fiery poker, but Lincoln …

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, etc.

That’s all I remember, but it goes on at least up to FDR, maybe more.

Does anyone here know the whole thing?

A little googling turns up this:http://www.mnemonic-device.com/bighistory/when-a-joke-made-me-a-joker-van-held-the-poker-the-fiery-poker-but-long-john-grant-had-gone-and-chased-his-crazy-mooses-round-the-west-hollering-cant-help-rinse-those-empty-kettles-just-now-friend-cau/

Is that what you’re thinking of?

Without checking the link:

When a joke made me a joker, Van had to poke the fiery poker but let jokes go. Hastily galloping across country, Harry cleverly made ready to watch his cool horse run to eastern Kansas. That takes you up to Kennedy. If you don’t know the presidents past Kennedy, Jack never found Canyon Road; Bob came back over.