When a libidinous kangaroo has your dog in a headlock...

While I don’t generally approve of men fighting animals, I think it’s okay to enjoy this one:

[spoiler]Synopsis: man finds his dog is being held in a headlock by a randy kangaroo, so he comes to the rescue and, in pre-emptive self-defense, punches the kangaroo.[/spoiler]

Laughed out loud at both the thread name and the video.

Um, that dog seemed to be enjoying himself and was in no danger. Bunch of asshole rednecks, looked to me.

Kangaroo fact:

You can see the kangaroo trying to disembowel the dog at 0:52. Indeed, the narrator even points this out: “the buckaroo sees the odds stacking against him and tries to gut the dog with his claws one last time”.

**Little known fact: “When a libidinous kangaroo has your dog in a headlock” was the original lyrics for that Dean Martin song before he changed it to “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.”

You’re right the dog probably was in some danger, but I’m not seeing the humor. This is what hunting boars with dogs looks like. Pig hunting with dogs Australia 2016 - YouTube

Dog asked for it, most likely.

Which we all know that rednecks are the worst racists on the planet. That poor endangered beautiful creature was just trying to make a friend by trying to kill that dog and the racist comes in and beats him for no damn reason. That redneck needs to be locked behind bars for a good 20 years for all the hatred he brought into this world with that video.

I’m not ruling out that the people involved were Australian rednecks - they were on a hunting trip, after all, although not for kangaroo. It’s also possible, perhaps even probable, that the dog had been the aggressor in the events leading up to the situation.

I am an animal-lover myself and do not eat mammals or birds because of this, so hunting is not something that I can be said to approve of. I still think it’s an interesting video. I think the human employed minimum force necessary to save his dog and to resolve the situation without getting hurt. Here’s some video of kangaroos fighting and it can be seen that their hind leg attacks have the potential to cause serious injury. I admit I would have had a different view of the video if the circumstances had been slightly different, but the guy was clearly retreating once the dog had been freed while the kangaroo was advancing in probable preparation for an attack.

This was totally the dogs fault. Where is PETA when you need them? That poor kangaroo was just minding its own business when that dog started harassing it. And then that poor man had to put himself in danger all because of that asshole dog.

This. I remember this video from some years back; the victim needed 31 stitches to close up the wound inflicted by the kangaroo. Given the area the kangaroo was kicking at, it’s lucky that it didn’t manage to hit the guy’s femoral artery; that may well have killed him.

I’m with the 'roo - the dog was the aggressor, and the hunter should have had tighter control of his animal. That said, the guy stepped up and saved his dog at no small risk to his own safety, and didn’t actually take the easy option (shooting the 'roo), which was probably very tempting.

A wildlife expert has described the video as “really interesting”, saying that kangaroos would typically flee from dogs but this one chose to defend itself.

“The kangaroo didn’t seem to be biting the dog. I think he was pretty confused”, he said. "Maybe the kangaroo was just having a hold of the dog and didn’t know what to do next.

“Male kangaroos have very big forearms and are very strong. I think the kangaroo was still in the sizing-up stage when he was hit with the punch, and so the man was lucky the roo decided to call it quits instead of using his leg which cause a lot of damage.”

They don’t call them boxing kangeroos for nothing.

“You can take 'em, mom!”

Who’s the person that you can think of that would be least likely to be seen boxing a kangaroo. Woody Allen, you say?

It’s time to stop making comments like these. I get they are “over the top” sarcasm posts in where you’re kidding by showing how extreme and silly some other viewpoints may be (IYO), but it is still starting to border on trolling and being a jerk. Ease up on it.

There is a video of this event put to Celine Dion’s “Heart Will Go On.”

Its funnier than it should be.

I just had to watch the Gilmore Girl revival with my wife and mother in law, and to me, that guy looked just like Luke from that show.

Hey kangaroo. Listen up. Keep the elbows in close to your ribs, keep the fist raised. Lead with your left. Got it? I don’t know who your trainer is but he hasn’t taught you shit.

Me: Let him have his stance. It’s not wise to upset a large male roo.
Trainer: But **Princhester **nobody worries about upsetting their trainer
Me: That’s cause trainers don’t disembowel people with a single kick when people offer advice about their stance. Male roos are known to do that.

It just shows, everyone can be assholes - dogs (he started it), humans (he’s complicit in starting it), roos (something something), …

…and me (for even thinking it’s a bit funny when the slow motion shot shows the roos arms fly back after the jab). Oh lordy, we’re all going to hell.