When are Wisteria and Southern Magnolias in bloom in St. Louis

Planning a trip to St. Louis with a stop at the botanical garden, want to go a weekend that they are both blooming, if possible.

If I wanted to do this, I would ask the botanical garden, not the straight dope.

I did email them. Never got a response.

Went to the Missouri Botanical Garden webpage. Under “Gardens and Gardening”, then in the “Our Garden” list (the left-most column), they have a “What’s in Bloom” link.

Go there and on the right side of the page there is a list of links titled “Plants in Bloom”. At the bottom of that list is a link titled “Bloom Time Summary”.

This brings up a handy list, covering many webpages, with both bloom time and peak bloom times.

Sweet Bay Magnolias don’t peak bloom until mid-May. All other magnolias are in their peak bloom time now.

Chinese wisteria is the only wisteria listed, and it shows a peak bloom time of the last week of April. I can corroborate this, as we live on a latitude close to St. Louis (but a state to the west) and our wisteria is not even budding yet. Don’t know if our wisteria is Chinese. Since the buds aren’t on yet, can’t tell if they have epicanthic folds in the inner corners of their upper eyelids. :^)

Sorry. Best I could do.