When can I get Matrix Reloaded at Walmart?

Anyone know around what time they start selling new releases? I have yet to see the movie and am bored tonight…


You will simply love The Matrix Dance Dance Revolutions part.

Yes, well aware that it goes on sale tomorrow, but do they consider 12:00 AM to be ‘tomorrow’?

In my experience, yes they do. They start putting out the major “gotta have” movies at midnight, and you nab one and head for the checkout right away. In the past I’ve gone midnight-Walmart-shopping for Attack of the Clones and both Lord of the Rings movies.


Is Wal-Mart open 24 hours? I don’t have a Wal-Mart very close.

Yes it is, just picked it up for $16.

The street date was 10-14. My store closes at midnight. A number of folks made sure they were still in the store at 12 am. After resetting things, we began selling it at 12:03 am., even though we were “closed”.

Keep this in mind for next month, when “Finding Nemo” streets… :wink: