Finally got to see Matrix Reloaded

Because we have one single movie theater here that shows movies for like, a day, I never got to see the Matrix Reloaded until now.

I’m not going to make a big post about the details of the movie since by now probably all of you have seen it, all I want to say is, wow. That was cool.

Now I have to wait the six or seven months it will take till Matrix Revolutions is out on dvd. :frowning:

Why not see it at the theatres?

Because, like I said in my original post, we only have one movie theater here that shows movies for about a day or two only. There are about 14,000 or so people living on this base. Maybe if we didn’t have to get child care me and my husband could just go stand in line and maybe see it maybe not, but chances are we wouldn’t get to see it. And getting baby sitters for all that time doesn’t pay.

If I was in the US it would be easy but I’m in Japan and I could go see it in a theater here (provided that it isn’t dubbed into Japanese, which it may be) but with all the various complications, trust me, I know it makes more sense to wait.

I can just see this dubbed into egrish anime-style.

Neo: Waaaaaaaaaaah! Suuupaaaa Burazingu Neo kicku!

Trinity (in super-kawai little girl voice): Neo! Ai! [Love!]

Adim: Insert voice of Kagato or Lord Illpalazzo here

My first (and lasting) impression was more like-- “Jeez, why is this film so damn green?”

The color, that is. Like a normal movie, but every other scene had this green hue…

Great, that should give you just enough time to get through the Matrix: Reloaded plot discussion thread. :smiley:

What, you didn’t notice that from the first movie? That’s how you know they are in the matrix, that greenish hue.

Heheheheh you’ve inspired me! The last few days I’ve been working on a film short which I’m using as a trailer for this other short film/music video I’m making. Anyway, my short film is a parody trailer for an action movie. It’s full of shots of empty brick walls and motionless shopping carts, while a voice over promises, “The action never stops”. Anyway because of the posts about the Matrix movies being green, I’ve tinted my trailer in overwhelming greenish-ness. I call it The Green Film. Because one small part of it is red, the tag line for it is,
“The Green Film: So green, it’s also red”.