The Matrix 2 preview

I just saw the preview for The Matrix: Reloaded last night and I thought that Carrie-Anne Moss looks like K.D Lang in some of the scenes. Does anybody agree with me on that one?



What was it like? Did you like it?

It’s a pretty damn sweet looking flick. Lots of action it seems, some pretty fancy stuff in the Matrix, the fight scenes look like they’re going to be really intense and visually fun, and it even seems like they’re going to have a big duke it out with the machines OUTSIDE of the Matrix (helps put a handle on that whole “Well, what kind of conflict can you have when you’re main characters a GOD?” question most people have been having).
I don’t know if it needs a spoiler warning because it’s a damn camercial of the movie, but the scene with Neo fighting about 50 Agent Smiths looks really fucking cool!

I thought it looked pretty sweet. They didn’t differentiate between “Reloaded” and “Revolutions”, though, so it’s hard to call which pieces were from which film.

Looks okay, but it will need more than Keanu Reeves flying to make me see it more than once. (and i am readying up my plot mocking tools!!)

I thought they were going to do something more creative with the stop-motion camera swinging, but the scene with Neo fighting the hundred agents looked like Matrix 1. And the agent jumping on the car on the freeway was a little too cartoonish.
But, hell, it looks like an damn enjoyable 10 bucks.

Especially since I don’t plan to pay more than 6, yeah!!

All the action in that teaser was from Reloaded. No action sequences have been shown from Revolutions yet. The only part that may have been from Revolutions is Morpheus talking while sitting in the chair.

The part where he landed on the car hood? Kickass.

What about the scene where you see hundreds of humans rallying in what appears to be an underground city (Zion perhaps)?

What? No Links? Surely it exists somewhere in cyberspace.

Ahh yes, one of my favorite websites…