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For those of you who forget that the whole purpose of your existence is to be utterly fascinated by the minutiae of my life, I started a new work gig last week. I shall be doing QA for a call center that handles AT&T Mobility. Thus, I am in training for five loooooooooooooooong weeks followed by four weeks of being a customer service representative (that’s call center talk for phone jockey) so that I can allegedly understand what they go through and become ever so good at QA stuff. Hey, it pays well enough so there is that.

My overall favorite acronym right now is PII. That’s Personally Identifiable Information. PII is essentially anything that can be used to identify a person. As far as what I am doing is concerned it involves stuff like name, address, phone number, SSN, credit card numbers, driver’s license number, credit history, rate plans, number of calls a person has made, number of calls that have been made to a person, how long each call is, and number of text messages a person has sent or received. Oh and dates and times of all that. Yep… when you call in, the CSR can see a record of your total cell phone (or in AT&T language mobile) transactions. Of course, stuff like the SSN, credit card number, driver’s license number and any of that jazz is never released for any reason. Seriously, if a person has a question about what numbers have been called from or received by a cell phone, the CSR cannot tell the person that. The person can be referred to the AT&T website and directed to the “My Wireless” part where he/she can view his/her bill. Of course, bills are sent out by snail mail unless somebody prefers not to receive the bill that way. However, it is ok to state a person’s name, and address because that is considered public information that anybody could find. There is apparently some debate about whether or not it is ok to state somebody’s cell phone number.

I’ve had all this other technical stuff thrown at me. Most of it I even understand. The rest, I figure will come in time. Still I like PII best so far. MMMMMMM…. PII!

Cool OP, swampy.

G’morning, all. I still like the brewery job the best, Swampus–what happened to working in insurance(did you work in insurance?)

Can we crank call you? :slight_smile:
Up and off to work. It helped that I had a sinus headache yesterday and went to bed at 0830pm. Getting up at 0400 is not hard when you’ve been asleep for that long…

Heh. Back in the 70’s, I was a service rep for the company which became AT&T. We used to get demerit-type stuff called scorings, manner, tone, etc. Are they still using those terms? At that time, the position you now hold was called a ‘service observer’, which was abbreviated ‘SOB’. Really. I guess the corporate powers finally decided that wasn’t such a good idea. What a shame. I got a HUGE laugh recently when a good friend, a manager in IT, told me he’ll be working as a service rep if there’s a strike. (The humor comes from knowing a little about the job and a lot about him.) But good luck with the new job, especially in your stint as a working service rep.

Great OP, Swampy! I hope you get some fun out of the job especially as you’re duty-bound to come in here and tell us all about it.

I had a really busy weekend but now my hexmas cake is made, along with 6lbs of mincemeat ready for mince pies and stuff. I’ll be baking a cake on Thursday night ready for a charity coffee morning here on Friday. It’s not one of my favourite charities because I find it morally difficult to support any charity that indulges in vivisection…but I’ll do something that doesn’t involve a direct financial contribution so I can still feel a little bit good about myself.

In other news, my styling brush died the death this morning. I’ve had it for quite a while and the motor finally gave up the ghost today so I have to stop off on my way home and buy a new one.

rigs what happened with the insurance gig was a couple of weeks ago a friend (who manages this call center) called me up and said he wanted to talk to me about working QA. So, I met him for lunch and we talked. Next thing I knew I accepted his offer, resigned the insurance gig and last Monday started doin’ this. I liked the brewery job too but they kept yankin’ me around when it came down to makin’ it permanent and I finally said either make it permanent or I’m gone. Well, I went cause they kept wantin’ to yank me around about it.

Howdy 3acres! Thanks for the good luck. Like I said, the money’s right so I figure I can deal. They do use a point system but seem to be pretty lax about it.

Have a good day y’all! Time to get purtified here cause I’m bein’ taken out for brekkies. YAY!

:makes crank-calling plans:

That OP sucks!

Okay, yah, I’m just kidding.
Congrats on the new gig.

You don’t love me anymore? Oh dear.:(:wink:

I had a horrible dream last night that something bad happened to TVMan. It’s one of those where you wake up and wonder if it’s real. However, when I realized that Orson Hodge gave me the bad news, I figured everything was ok.:stuck_out_tongue:

TVMan has been talking about finding a new stove for his son’s family because only one burner works and the oven is giving out, too. So I looked on craigslist and found one that might work and the kicker is that they live on my street! I’m going to go look at it tonight after work. Another criteria, though, is that it must fit in the back of my xB so that I can take it with me on Wednesday.

We’ve got no lunches today, but we’re going to do some baking. Lots of yummy stuff! We’re still waiting to hear back from the flea market place and supposedly my dad and I are going back out there sometime today. Hopefully we can get that up and running soon.

Ok, I’ve rambled on long enough for now… :slight_smile:
ETA: Hi beebs! Where HAVE you been???

Morning all, and thanks for the informative OP, Swampy. That’s a whole lotta training, though :eek:

Hey Rigs, good to see you and glad to hear that you’re sinus headache is gone today. Howdy to you too, BooFae and 3acres (do you have a nick yet, btw? :)), and LiLi and Beebs. whew. :slight_smile: Oh yeah, an CutiePie too!

Up and caffeinating, although I’m not going in today because my tummy isn’t feeling well. So I’m gonna take it easy today and eat very lightly. Happy Monday all. :slight_smile:

[brooding** beebs**]

Baby, you can’t go where I’ve been.

The things I’ve seen.

One day I’ll be back…

One day…




Overslept. Running late. Therefore, checkout the new MMP, of course. :smack:

Good luck swampy, on the new gig!

Mornin’ y’all!

You’d think the cell company would be able to tell you what your mobile number is, especially if you’re like me and use that phone to call them. :confused:


Pie, don’t be jealeous of PII. There’s plenty to go around.

Swampy, when will the call center move you to India? Is week five the one where they teach you the accent?

There was a midnight page for an overturned truck style traffic accident. I didn’t go, but all the radio traffic woke me up and I stayed that way for 2 precious hours.
My anger burns with the intensity of a flashlight running on old batteries.

My promised ER hug story.

I had duty Firday night, and there was one call, for an old guy with difficulty breathing. The address sounded familiar.

When we got there, the place was familiar; I had hauled the guy about a month to 6 weeks ago, again for breathing problems. He’s a COPD patient, and his SO is rather tightly wound. Whenever he gets into a distress situation, she panics because she thinks death is imminent.

My partner for the night was Sue, my potential adoptive granny. She’s not even an EMT, and for the moment I’m still a Basic, meaning I couldn’t give him a breathing treatment, which he needed. We paged for an Intermediate, but our cover was still on the way home from work. He gave us instructions to put him on light oxygen and transport. The whole time, the guy’s wife (?) is freaking out. Honestly, he was much worse the first time I hauled him than he was this time. His vitals were rather good, although he had some bad lung sounds that weren’t all that shocking in intensity.

Sue drove, and beat the snot out of both of us until I told her she shouldn’t waste time but also he wasn’t that bad off. We got him to the Suffolk ER without incident, and got him situated and registered. The nurse was waaaay cute. :wink:

Sue and I were doing the routine cleanup when the tightly wrapped wife/GF came out to talk to us, and thanked us for helping him out. We explained to her that respiratory distress looks scary, and it can be for the patient, but it takes A LOT of time for it to progress to the point that a patient’s life is in danger, and he wasn’t there. She should make up a list of his medications (he has a lot), and his medical history to keep handy, because that will help next time. Most of all, she should keep her cool.

Wilma thought about it for a few seconds, nodded her head, and before I knew what happened, I was bear hugged, and so was Sue. It made my night…

Nice OP, swampy. Since I have AT&T, can I bug you if I have a problem?

Caffeinated and off to work. Blerg.

Good job, VBob!

. Sulking about the Sox?

I still love you, Pie.

Good morning! Monday. Here we go again…

Great OP, Swampus. I have AT&T, too. I’m looking forward to the customer service stories!

VBob - I think you do a wonderful thing. I wanna give you a bearhug, too!

Hi, beebs!

Re: Nickname for 3acresandatruck - truck? 3? 3a’s&aT?

Not much happening yet. See y’all later!

Oh, and I fergot to mention the latest hit to my bad boy reputation: VWife and I made baked chicken, cole slaw, and sugar-free banana pudding for Fred and Sarah yesterday. When I took it over to them, they were getting ready to eat a pair of pork chops and a bowl of collards between them that wouldn’t fill me, and I have an artificially small stomach.

It’s been several weeks since I saw the toad in the sandpile, but I did get a picture of him before he disappeared. One of these years I’ll get loaded to Photobucket.

I’m about to declare open warfare on the deerhunters that haunt my area. Nothing pisses me off more than strangers deciding my yard is a highway for their personal use. Saturday, one fo those inconsiderate bastards took a third of my acre to turn his pickup truck around, leaving the requisite tire ruts along the way. Punji stakes are being readied, and I have several armor piercing grenade launchers on order from Ebay.

Me, tooooo!!! I gots the AT&T cell phone. I’ve even called Customer Service three times in the last six months. Far as I can tell, the peeps I spoke with were Murkins. See, somehow there’s been this ten dollah monthly charge on my bill that is for I know not what. I have never ordered any kind of download and delete any text messages or voice mails I get that are not personal. I finally had to put parental controls on myself to stop it. I even tracked the company to some outfit in CA that had only recorded messages when called. BAH! Could you take care of that for me, swampy? kaithnxbai! :smiley:

Gorgeous weekend here and I took it easy as possible to store some energy after the big vaca. Pictures are wafting in. Some ultra cool ones from Venice from Nurse Debbie’s SO.

Made a turkey breast for dinner last night and it was teh YUM. I think tonight will be some homemade french onion soup.

bobbio, good luck with those hunters. I like the punji stakes idea. How about a couple loads of quick sand to go with?

A nic for 3 acres? How about TAT?

Gots to go put up a press release. Later.

ETA: Nevermind. I have to do a new post.