Off!- A vacation MMP

Well, there’s 14 hours of work between me and vacation, but the light at the end of the tunnel is in view.:slight_smile:
Talk amongst your selves

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 75 Amurrkin out and clear (dark, actually) with a predicted high of 92 and a chance of rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. In other words, 'tis August in south Jawja.

doggio enjoy your vacation. I’d say don’t get too raucous, but come on, look who I’m talkin’ to.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day which involves defilthyfyin’ da cave. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I made it to the office. I’m pretty sure I didn’t run into anyone on my way here. I’ve now had 4 bad nights in a row - a body needs more than 4-5 interrupted hours of sleep a night. Dammit.

Screw you, Moanday! :stuck_out_tongue:

{{FCM}} well, given that your daughter, SIL and baby daughter along with another pet or two have moved in recently, plus making the decision about continuing to work or not plus FCD working at home…nope, no reason not to sleep 8 hours a night. Seriously, if it keep up, consider seeing a Doctor because it is going to mess with you.

doggio, enjoy your vacation. With school starting up, it’s a perfect time to go somewhere, since the rugrats and their parents are concentrating on making it through the first weeks of (more or less) higher education.

76F right now so in about an hour or so I’ll mow the front yard (ran out of daylight yesterday and the city picks up grass clippings today). Don’t want to wake up the neighbors… The is supposed to be an inspector from the city by sometime today, we’ll see. Then soccer starts tonight and will keep me occupied until close to Thanksgiving.

MetalMouse - there is truly no reason for me to be unable to sleep. It’s quiet when I go to bed, the temperature is good, and I go back there when I’m tired, not just at “bedtime.” Tonight about 7, I’m popping a Melatonin, so I should be close to unconscious shortly after 8. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I’ve worked my way thru about half of the corrected drawings on my desk. Once these are done, I’ve got to start a new assembly package that needs to be done by the end of the week. I’m guessing it’s a 2-day task. We shall see.

Back to work…

Spent some time with Romeo this weekend. Missed the dude. It was hot and hyo-mid here this weekend, so we took the kiddos to the local pool for a while. Also went to our church picnic. I love roast corn. But we should seriously get a local dental practice to sponsor a big ol’ bowl of flossers. I was picking roast corn out of my teeth the whole time we were there.

Happy Moonday!

It’s going to be another hot, in the 90s, day. It was already warm and humid when I let the dog out. The cat came in, I hadn’t seen him since yesterday morning. I accused him of cheating on us with some other family, but he just rubbed against me and then went on to stuff his face.

I had a horrible night’s sleep. Bladder call before 2am, dog barking at 3am. I set the alarm for the wrong time and it went off an hour earlier than needed, so I reset it, and then almost overslept.

Happy vacationing **Doggio!

I have been sleeping well. I can’t sleep in though on my days off. I take Melotonin every night.

Sari Our cat has another family up the street but they must not feed her as she does not miss a meal here.

Happy Vacation Doggioooo

Happy Moanday! I am off today and plan to do stuff. I have laundry and a little cleaning. Our maid comes on Wednesday so I need to leave her something to do so I shall not clean too much.

Takin’ a break from defilthyfyin’ da cave. Not much more to do just decided to procrastinate a bit. We shall sup upon fried poke chops, squishes, lima beans, rice 'n gravy and corn bread this eve. For some reason I am also in a mood to cook. Might even make a peach cobbler. Or not. Probably though. Might as well spoil the brat a little more. :smiley:

I’m on day seven of a 10-day work week. I’m on until Wednesday, then I’m off for four days. I’m looking forward to some well-earned relaxation.

Luckily, there is a break this morning in the workload. I don’t need to be at the office until later this afternoon. So, this gave me some time to sleep in, eat breakfast and relax.

Enjoy your vacation, dogbutler!

Balloons fly close to dawn & dusk times as that’s when winds are calmest & there are least thermals. That one balloon was a tether, taking customers for a ride 30ish feet up, then back down. It was tied off on three points to keep it safely [del]on[/del] close to the ground.

Except for the few special shapes who just stood up & stayed on the field to give the crowd a show, all of the balloons flew last night, at the scheduled time.

I did walk around looking for a wee young 'un in a stroller & Mooommm, but you were probably gone by the time I got there.

Of course he will, he gets to have a beer with me! :cool:
Try ballooning for lack of sleep, get in around 11pm & then have the 'larm set for 4-something…multiple days in a row. :eek:

For those of us who know nothing about ballooning, I think the Festival folk could have provided more information. I saw the stuff about launches at dawn and dusk, but there was nothing to suggest that there wouldn’t be displays of balloons the rest of the time. And from comments on the FB page, it appears a lot of folks thought the same as I did.

I wasn’t too happy about spending a total of 5 hours in the car for an hour or so of wandering around what seemed more like a mediocre craft fair. Plus there was the cost of the tickets - so glad we went on Sunday instead of Sat - the tickets were $20 cheaper. If there was a balloon event closer to home so that I could watch the ascension without having to leave the house at 3:30, I’d be good. But the chances of me repeating this weekend - pretty much nil.

Meanwhile, it’s lunch time and I’m having a yummy pile of watermelon chunks. Haven’t swallowed a seed yet, which is good. :smiley:

Well, the housing inspector came by and approved the work to go on, so expecting more work to get done this week. Unfortunately, the grass pickup folks also came early before I could mow the front yard, so those clippings will sit out front and ferment for a week.

Need to make myself presentable and go get something to eat.

Like many of us you are a little “off” if you are at work or not. :smiley:
A major train derailment is going to make my commute more interesting than usual but I have some back routes in mind.

Ruble I saw that on the news. What a mess.

I am having coffee and futzing with the internet, and then must face the day. Stoopid day.

Happy Moanday!

I have managed to do some laundry and general picking up. I need to bathe Lucky Louie and medicate his ear as he is digging in it. Tis hawt here per usual in the summertime.

I stopped long enough to make some lunch. I foresee a nap in a bit.

walter happy belated birthday. I feel better today. My mood is much improved. We shall see if that holds once my work week starts. I am off next week for a staycation. I would like to go somewhere but not alone and hubby can’t possible get away right now. He had an infection in his knee last week and stayed home on Moanday. He had gotten poked in the knee with a nail. His phone rang at least 25 times with folks needing A/C service or new units. After a few days of antibiotics he is good to go.
Off to give a dog bath.

Shall we call Panther Modern Hep Cat?

and what does it say about my age that I actually know that term? :frowning:

::Tentatively opens the door, looking for familiar faces::

Wow! I’m glad to see so many of you are still here, and lots of cool new people to boot… 4 ½ years after leaving y’all are still hanging out and shooting the breeze just like the day I left.

Any room for the prodigal son?

Didja bring us presents? Snacks? Pictures of kittehs?

And of course the MMP has continued - it’s been going pretty much non-stop since 2001. I used to have a link to the very first one, but I think I lost it. Dammit…