Off!- A vacation MMP

Evenin’ all.

Friends left, had a nice day out, now back home.

Friends are vegan, so I took 'em to a new vegan cafe in a nearby town that an irkmate had mentioned for dinner last night, 'cos it’s always nice to be able to pick from the whole menu rather than the sole option. That was not so nice…

The waitress appeared to be brand new and have no clue what she was doing (like, so bad it was funny, lucky this isn’t a tipping culture), and, while the curry one of my friends got was apparently pretty decent, and the other one’s food was OK, mine was what can only be described as bloody awful. I was expecting a vegan lasagne to have, well, vegetables in it, it didn’t appear to, there was some lentilly thing and something involving what appeared to be breadcrumbs :confused: A wedge of stodge, with some fake cheese in a cracked grey layer on top. Microwaved.

Dessert was actually pretty good though, I’ll give 'em that.

Wound up being sick when I got home. I mean, I can’t state definitively it was the ‘lasagne’ (and other people in there were ordering it as their regular, I heard 'em :confused:), but…

Mooom, the balloon thing I was irking at last year had very few balloons except early morning too; there were a few inflated on the ground briefly during the day, but that was it. Apparently a few years earlier, there wasn’t a single balloon fully inflated- forget leaving the ground- during the entire 5 day event. That one is free to enter though, if a bit far for you to travel.

I’m down with it. (dammit, I am old…)

Front yard mowed and lunch consumed, thinking about a nap before I have to organize and head for the soccer fields.

Nut, I have a button that says “I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables”, so I doubt I’ll be visiting that restaurant–of course, from your description, neither will you.

Lancia, what was your MMP name? Or have you forgotten it after all these years? Or is assigning Mumper names something relatively new? Only time I remember hearing about Lancia’s was on the BBC’s Top Gear.

I have spiffed da cave. Go Me. Now to get busy on stuff for sup. Dang squishes insist on not chunkin’ themselves up. Same with the onions. I am sure the poke chops, rice, gravy, and corn bread will be just as un-cooperative in fixin’ themselves to be eaten. I’ll have to do everything. Woe.

Iffn there’s a sole option, then it’s not really a vegan place now, is it? :wink:

Lunch has been ingested, more importantly, so has some caffeine; I’s a hurtin’ pup today (oh look, it’s Moanday)

:: pulls up chair ::

I have some stale gummy bears in a Tupperware in the back of my car, does that count?

I don’t have any kittehs but here’s a kitteh that was wandering around an outdoor kid’s play that my little town put on a couple weeks ago. Not as cute as little Maine Coon kitten, but still, it held everyone’s attention. :slight_smile:

Lancia’s are way cool, and the genesis of my name here. Someday if I win that lotto that I don’t play I’m going to buy a Stratos and fix it up. Hell, any Lancia built before Chyrsler and Fiat got involved would be really cool.

Mumper names aren’t new and my name was, IIRC, Woody, courtesy of FairyChatMom and Nava. I was in my second year of college working on an associate’s degree having decided to go back to school in 2011 after working for years as a hospice worker. I was taking the requisite Spanish classes, and I would attempt to use my atrocious Spanish here. I don’t remember the circumstances but one day I said something funny or ridiculous in error so Nava decided that Woody would make a good name. I don’t recall the details or how Woody pertained to what I said.

Anyway, I’m now ~9 months from finishing my MA having, improbably, earned 3 college degrees since early 2014. I’ve been working on my thesis for about 3 or 4 months now and hope to have it finished by April. I defend in May.

This was always a good place to take a break, complain about the shitty Oregon weather, and in general recharge my batteries.

And in case Nava is still hanging out here, don’t worry—I promise to post not one word of undecipherable Spanish again, ever.

I have been on a blueberry kick of late. I love them and usually just eat a box at a time raw. Well, thanks to **Swampy ** mentioning cobbler I made a blueberry cobbler and OMG is it good with a little vanilla ice cream. Plus it was super easy. I didn’t measure anything and it is perfect. I hope it will be as good at room temp. Since there was ice cream involved HRH had a small amount. That boy do lurves him some ice cream.

Sleep little baby, sleep.
On the hill there are two sheep.
One is black and one is white,
and if the little baby does not go to sleep,
the black one will give it a bite.

-German lullaby.

Butters, blueberry cobbler sounds so good. Mmm… Why do I always check in during my afternoon hunger pangs? Not a good idea.

Welcome back, Woody! I’m new to the MMP, but I also recently made a return to SDMB after a hiatus of something like 7 years.

Today’s National Root Beer Float day, so I think I may head over to A&W after dinner for free* root beer floats with Romeo and the kiddos. *They are asking for a donation to DAV, which is a charity I’m totally cool with giving to.

Wifey wanted to make curried chicken salad for their trip yesterday, but opened a big can of albacore tuna by mistake. I found a tupperware full of it in the fridge this morning, so I guess I’ll be making my infamous tuna-noodle casserole tonight.
Right now I’m auditioning a recipe for Thai curry vegetable soup for my lunch. The person who posted the recipe online was apparently having an orgasm over it so I thought I’d better try it.
It’s pretty good and apparently can be made vegetarian, so I’ll consider putting it into the rotation. We’ve been wanting to eat more vegetarian meals, but most of the recipes are, shall we say, lacking something.
(Yeah, I know. Meat!)

Speaking of blueberries, a few years ago we planted two blueberry bushes in our backyard with visions of fresh ripe berries dancing on our tongues. We were disappointed after the first year to never get much in the way of produce off of them. Well, the other day I discovered why. Apparently bluejays (actually scrub jays) also love blueberries. I was standing on the patio admiring one of our bushes when one of those rude birds flew down, not 5 feet away from me, and picked the very berry I was ogling. :eek: The noive!

Hey Woody, how 'bout this weather, huh?!

Just came back from 2 weeks in Europe. Barcelona, Lisbon, Middle Rhine. A few thoughts:

#1) FUCK American Airlines.

#2) I apparently had gotten used to drivers stopping when you even just look like you’re going to cross the street, and was almost run over right in front of my house this morning.

#3) I kind of regret not going into McDonald’s at any point when I was there. I was dead-set against doing so when I was there, despite a nagging curiosity about it that I had in the back of my mind. Now I’ve looked at the menus for the McD’s in the cities I visited and now I want to try stuff. Oh, well.

#4) It wasn’t our choice to go during the summer (we went for a wedding). Germany was hot as shit and nobody there believes in air conditioning. I’d love to go back, but I’d wait until autumn or winter.

#5) Currywurst. I don’t get it. I mean, it was fine, but it was just a pedestrian sausage covered with ketchup that had curry powder mixed in with it. THIS is what everyone’s all excited about?!

#6) FUCK American Airlines. Seriously. Useless motherfuckers!

Vegetables would have been a major improvement…

I think I found a cat hair in it, does that help? (In fairness, it might have come off friend who has a longhair super-sheddy-kitty rather than from the kitchen, which certainly appeared to be catless).

Juliet you can always read my posts if you need an appetite suppressant :wink:

Has anyone warned you about loaning money to Dogbutler or Spiderman?

Well, Woody, I’m glad you remembered your name, because I surely didn’t. Altho these days, I’m lucky to remember why I walked into the room. And, yeah, pretty kitty, tho not too cuddly, methinks! :wink:

**FCD **had a come-to-Jesus meeting with daughter and SIL about getting their acts together so they can support themselves. They’re both looking into going back to school - daughter to get an engineering AS and SIL to get… something… He’s just got a GED, so he needs to decide what he wants to be when he grows up and start working towards it.

Pizza being delivered for supper because. I was going to make chicken fried rice, but SIL wants to make a chicken dish for supper tomorrow, so **FCD **asked for pizza. Hope it gets here before too terribly long.

Oh yeah - I’s still tahred.

Should we ask or are some things better left unsaid??

Nah. Fairly run-of-the-mill getting fucked over by an airline, but it was a long trip back home and I really could have done without their bullshit.

We have supped. I received the high compliment “just like supper at granny’s!” That, folks, is waaaaaaaaaaay up there with the top compliments one southern USAer can give another southern USAer.

Woody welcome back! Congrats on the skoolin’ and good luck with the thesis. I promise you the nightmares will cease ten years or so from now.

Substitute Delta for American Airlines and those would also be my sentiments.

flytrap thank you for the lullaby. The Germans have always been a comfortin’ people.

And obedient.

We have discovered grilled okra. We put it in a baggie with sesame oil, garlic powder and various seasonings. After the okra becomes acquainted with the oil and seasonings, we grill it. We both like it quite a bit.

I wish I could find shishito peppers to grill with it.

A nice tboomer has descended upon us and cooled things down.

flytrap grilled okra is da bomb!

Have fun in Philly doggio! Have a beer with spidey for me while you’re there.

Welcome back woody. I barely remember you, but congrats on attaining higher education.

Just another manic Monday.

I get a mini vacation beginning Friday. I’ll leave then to head north for the family reunion. See what fruits and nuts shake out of the family tree. :smiley: I’ll head back Sunday and use Monday to do laundry, pick up some aigs and milk and generally catch up from being on the road.

Thank you for the endorsement. :slight_smile:

We had a thunderstorm as I drove home from work. I have no complaint about getting wet, I am going home and will change clothes anyway.