Wrapping up July in the MMP

A lot of my coworkers have taken vacations this month. I’ve felt a little jealous because I’ve felt pretty overworked and would like some time off to relax.

I’m working 10 days in a row, but my company will provide me with two PTO days next Thursday and Friday. This means I only need to survive to Wednesday, and I get a four-day weekend. It might not seem like much, but I’m excited, and I don’t burn any crucial vacation days I have banked.

Adam is snipped.
He had been hanging out inside more while it was raining, maybe he has cabin fever.

How to scare yourself, forget you put the pizza pans on top the running washer and leave the room.

Have fun **FCM
Happy Birthday BetterLife!

Happy Birthday Walter!!!

I slept until almost 9am - woo-hoo! I have made coffee and I think knocks on available wood that I might have a tolerable haid today. This means that we might do packing planning and/or see a movie. The trick is always not to do too much and go right back into hiding in the dark.

Otherwise, otherwise… I haven’t made enough coffee. Onwards into the day. Happy Sunday everyone.

Thank you, Sahirrnee and Sunny Daze!


Sigh. How are you doing Ruble?

Now that I have pleased my inner child -----------

The memorial service Friday went well and was worth using UPT for. I was able to help support and engage the family members in ways others couldn’t have and we all cried some together but we laughed as well. I also got to clue in her kids (ages like 20 and 28) on the back-stories behind a lot of her favorite stories and expressions as I was the culprit responsible for most of them. Its odd the things that get carried further as traditions and memories. :smiley:

Work yesterday was from good to shit-show depending on the exact hour in question. The main boss last night is newer and finding his way and almost always seems to just have one plan. Which means when Plan A doesn’t work the solution is slam you head into the wall until it breaks. The good people, the ones who bailed to the delivery operation, had Plans B, C, D, and E already on deck if they were needed or not. Last evening was really light volume but we really needed to have everything to E and then some. Head-count was light and people bailed out (UPT) from the first hour on so that by the end of the night we had 50 people doing the work planned for 110. :smack: It got done and I felt really good about it all but I had some serious sweat-stains on my shirt by 11pm after having clocked in at noon.

Which brings up laundry which is underway. And shortly we’re heading out for a visit with an Aunt-in-law and a good Sunday lunch/dinner. So things ain’t all bad at all.

I aspire to be you someday Ruble. You have a great outlook on life. Enjoy your family lunch. :slight_smile:

Fed my face and shopped. It’s 93F outside so my desire to go out is limited, but while shopping I managed to forget to get bread (that’s what happens when you don’t make a list) so I will have to make a short trip out. Mowing is still on the agenda for this evening, but not until it’s below 90…

ruble, enjoy today. You seemed to have earned it.

Howdy Y’all! We deheathenated, enjoyed a good brunch and achieved nappage. All in all, a pretty good Sunday. :smiley:

Sari I shall be cremated thus I shall never experience putrification. Interestin’ and kinda disgustin’ fact: Submersion in cold water or burial slows down putrification. Feel free to use this while makin’ chit chat at the next cocktail party you attend.

And now this…




:smiley: Thank you, Swampy, pretty sure we heard that all the way up in upstate NY, LOL!

Sort of down in the dumps. So lazy too. I have not done much of anything today and there is plenty to do.

Tis hot.

I deheathenized this morning, then went to my mom’s and did laundry. I also wrote some bills/checks for her and balanced the checkbook.

Then I cam home and have been reading and crocheting, in sequence. Now it’s time to take the dog to the park.

Happy birthday Walter!

I picked up the lingerie bag that I forgot yesterday at Tar-jay, using a $5 gift card that I was given for buying three tubes of conditioner. :slight_smile: Picked up the labels and CO2 cartiidge from Staples and remembered why I usually order the labels for my labeler from da Jungle. What I pay $12 for there costs $29 at the sto’. I bought some weird lavender ones that were on clearance for cheap though, so it wasn’t that much.

A trip to the dog park and now we’re in for the evening.

27.5 hours till vacation, 69 hours till Philly.:smiley: Beer.

been there, doing that. At least this time I’m not salaried. 4 months short handed sucks where you’re on salary. But enjoy the long weekend!



Sari, Alex Catt got out once. She went 20 feet, realized that The Outside was cold, dark, and foodless. She yelped, and ran back in.:smiley:

Home - holy crap was it hot out there!! Plus the traffic headed east was awful - it took 45 minutes to go 5 miles!! And, alas there was only 1 balloon there. But we tasted some wine and daughter took some pics and Roxstar got overheated, but we cooled her down before she got sick.

The ride home wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. We stopped at Bob Evans for supper since neither of us had any real food today. Now I’m beat and ready for bed. Moral of the story: don’t go outside in the summer…


Happy Birthday, Walter!!!

Wifey & Daughter loaded up daughter’s humongous pickemup truck this morning with kayaks, enough provisions to invade another continent, and much painting supplies, and have tootled off into the boonies, leaving me home with the dogs and 2 pounds of bbqed pulled pork to console me. They’ll be back sometime next weekend. I shall amuse myself by trying out weird new recipes and plotting world domination. :cool:

My phone is already up to something. As I was leaving the Fred Meyer parking lot a female voice come over my radio saying *“Sorry you’re having trouble. Your message has been sent. Goodbye.” *:confused::confused::confused:
I finally figured out that it was my phone talking through my radio, which I can’t usually get it to do. I dug it out of my pocket and it was on the contact page for my wife, with no indication of any message sent, or anything else. :confused::confused::confused:

Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I just don’t know.

Lunch/dinner was good and I have much enjoyed relaxation. Other than that I got nothing. Which ain’t a bad thing at all. :wink:

Moooommm, only one balloon? Need to go to Albuquerque in October: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/event-info/event-schedule And I miss Bob Evans, none closer than Nashville here.


Otherwise not much. Back yard mowed, I’ll get the front on Monday morning.

Bumba, enjoy the single life for a week.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Filet on the grill was successful, very tasty, my wife served my favorite veggie, lima beans, no one else will eat them, she just makes them for me, so I get them once a year, LOL, steamed shrimp ala Bawlmer, lotsa Old Bay, between the meal and the merlot, yeah, I’m ready for bed…thank you all again!!!