When contacting mods

Dear Ms Netiquette,

Should it come to pass that I have occasion to contact the mods/admins regarding a developing situation or a known troll or suchlike, how many mods/admins is it proper to notify? One? All the mods of the forum in question? All the mods of the forum in question and the admins? Those mods and admins that I’m friendly with? Every single mod and admin, as well as Ed, Jerry and Cecil HIMSELF? Certainly not. But what is the proper number? Is the number contingent on the severity of the issue?

I wish to be excruciatingly correct in my behaviour, Ms Netiquette. Please advise.

Sincerely yrs,

(Who’s always wanted to try to write a Miss Manners-esque letter, and now that he has, wonders why he wanted to.)

It’s probably a good idea to E-mail both Lynn and Tuba, along with the Mods in that particular forum. Just my opinion.

I tend to email the mod most likely to be around if it’s a mod issue, or Tuba or Lynn if it’s an admin issue - can’t see the point in clogging up multiple inboxes.

Ed Zotti, TubaDiva, C. K. Dexter Haven, and I are all administrators. Ed has a tendency to delete email if he doesn’t know you, he gets a LOT of spam. Dex has administrative powers, but is rarely involved in actually banning someone, and I’m not sure that he knows how. Since he coordinates the Staff Reports he’s got more than enough on his plate anyway. So email both TubaDiva and me. Email BOTH of us because that way, your problem will be solved quicker. For instance, she tends to do stuff in daylight hours, while I regard daylight as icky. This also takes care of those situations when one or the other of us doesn’t have computer access.

Ideally, you should email all the mods in the forum at least. Mods can close threads, delete posts, and delete threads. Admins can ban posters, so if you think that it might be a case of banning, make sure to copy us admins on it too.


It depends on why you’re writing to us. If you’re just pointing out a duplicate posting or a coding error that needs fixed, there’s no need to bother the admins (unless, of course, it’s in Comments on Staff Reports, ATMB, or the Pit, which are all modded by admins). Just the mods of that forum would be plenty. On the other hand, if you think there’s some problems with a particular poster, or somesuch, then you should contact Tuba and Lynn, as well as the mods of the forum where the incident happened. If it’s obvious spam or porn, or something that likewise needs to be taken care of immediately, then contact as many mods as you can, and whichever one of us sees it first will take care of it. And finally, if you just want to tell a mod that he holds the keys to your heart eternally, and that you want to bear his love child, then you only need to e-mail me.

Chronos, you’re my pal and all, and you’re an extremely cool mod, but I must sadly admit: regardless of any arguments, persuasion, pleading or threats: I shall not bear your love child. Even excluding biological impediments, it’s just not gonna happen.

I just wanted to be clear on that.


And once again we see that Fenris is lacking in his devotion to the SDMB. Fear not, Chronos, an e-mail from me will soon be flying your way on the wings of cupid.

I’d also like to add, that despite my appreciation for the kind responses that I’ve gotten, I still haven’t gotten ONE! SINGLE! RESPONSE! in the form of a Miss Manners answer.

I’m so depressed.

I really wanted a response that started out

“Gentle Poster,”



Genital poster -

when it cums to getting hard answers from mods, ewe are better off with the longer, more penetrating questions. With a quick thrust, the mod then can bring about the excitement that you wish.

Mistress Manners.

(wha? that wasn’t what he wanted?)