When did "BANNED" become "Banned"?

I noticed it just now with mr. greg, did a Search and saw that they have all been switched to sentence case.

I can understand that the sentence case is more discreet and less likely to cause “Why was so-and-so banned” threads. I’m just curious when this happened.

With VBulletin, it doesn’t automatically change the tag under the users name when you revoke their posting privileges. An admin has to go in there and manually change the text field to “Banned”. I am guessing that sometimes the admins type “BANNED”, and sometimes they type “Banned”. The tag itself really has nothing to do with their status. Someone could change my tag to “Moderator” or “Too stupid for words” and it would have no effect on my status, if they didn’t edit my access rights also.

I assume this is the case, based on prior VBulletin experience. Someone may be along to correct me shortly.

I was able to go back far enough and find one that is still “BANNED” so it seems like more of a recent sea change - all recent “BANNED” posters are now “Banned” instead.

My preferred method is to have a User Group named “BANNED”. That way, all I do is move the …person… to that User Group - one-click and it’s done. However, IIRC on the SDMB they do edit the permissions of the individual on a case-by-case basis.

Moderators can also ban as well, if the option is enabled in vBulletin. In that case, the default text under the name is “Banned by Moderator”.

There have been cases where the text was changed to other things that ‘Banned’ - ‘Boomerang’, for example (IIRC the user was banned for being a multiple-return troll)

Wasn’t there an actual poster whose username was banned ?

Wow, vanilla, 5000. You’ve been posting to beat the banned.

“Someone could change my tag to “Moderator” or “Too stupid for words” and it would have no effect on my status”

Maybe I could get mind changed to ‘perfect master’…that would be so cool. Why, i would even pay for it. Just imagine a new income source for the board.

In fact, when we upgraded to the current software, oh, just about a year ago on the Spring Equinox of our Missed Content, the option for users to edit their own status lines was turned on (until the staff noticed it). A few posters briefly changed their stati, but the staff thought it would be confusing (or something like that). If they had let it be, I was going to change mine to “Prefect Meister”.