When did humans start wearing clothes?

I’m guessing we didn’t suddenly go from naked to three-piece mammoth hide suits, but roughly around when did we start wear clothing?

For the sake of specifics, i’m defining clothes as worked material; so just a hide rag wouldn’t count, but something that’s been crafted/worked on.

It’s at some point in prehistory, so it’s impossible to say exactly. We do have some evidence that woven and sewn clothing are at least as old as the Paleolithic era.

It was in the Garden of Eden, after Adam & Eve partook of the forbidden fruit.

For me, it was about 7:00 this morning.

It appears that we started wearing fitted clothes about 70k years ago. This is based on some ingenious DNA detective work based on the evolution of body lice. Link. We’ve also found sewing needles dating back to at least 40k years ago. No doubt we (and our close relatives) wore lose-fitting clothing long before that.

OK, that’s the time, John. But if I understand the place correctly, you’re telling us this clothing appeared in the Land of Ur?

It would almost certainly have been Africa.

Er, um, ur, I don’t remember. It was a long time ago.

To quote the 2000-Year-Old Man

It’s a joke based on your typo, John. :slight_smile:

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I would imagine that humans first started wearing clothes when the first snow fell.

It’s just a working theory, however.