When did Ross and Chandler become college roommates?

Watching the first seasons, it is clear they weren’t old buddies (Ross was the odd man out among the guys). It is easily explained (he had grown apart from him when he got married), but I don’t think it was the original plan.

My question: When was it first revealed they were college buddies? The Flashback episode is the first I recall.

The first time I remember this being explicitly stated was the flashback episode about the first time Monica met Chandler. I don’t remember which season it’s from, but in a later episode the three guys are living together for some reason and Chandler mentions an annoying habit of Ross’s when he wanted things quiet.

How did Joey become friends with Chandler? I can’t think of any time that was made clear.

Joey became friends with Chandler after becoming Chandler’s roommate.

Chandler had advertised for the open roommate position after Kip, his former roommate, got married. He had a number of applicants, including Eric, a fashion photographer who wanted to make sure Chandler was OK with models hanging out at the apartment all the time if he moved in. Also, Eric’s sister was a porn star, and he hoped Chandler was OK with that.

Needless to say, Chandler was, and offered the room to Eric. But when Eric showed up, he ran into Mr. Heckles, who claimed to be the new roommate and scacred Eric away. CHandler could never figure out why Eric didn’t show up, and the open room then went to runner-up applicant Joey.

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