When did the TODAY show become the KATIE COURIC'S LEGS show?

I used to watch morning TV and she was this mousy, perky, cutesy Muddle Amurcian with bad (brown) hair and the sex appeal of a spongemop, and now I tune in and she’s a frosted blonde with killer legs stretching out across half my TV screen.

It’s an improvement, I gotta say, and I wouldn’t object if she just hiked her skirt up another five inches or so, all up over her hips and diddled herself while she did in-depth Newsmaker interviews with world leaders, but when exactly did this transformation take place?

After her husband died? Gradually over the years? When Gum-ball left? In sharp but clear increments (first the legs, then a year later the peroxide-job, followed in six months by this major makeup deal?) And what’s up with the lipstick? Does anyone else find her lips faintly extra-terrestrial?

Muddle Amurican

The day that one of the producers actually watched the show and realized the woman was dumber than a brick and was not even capable of reading her cue cards without sounding like an idiot. They tarted her up quick to distract the viewing audience from this fact, and apparently it’s working.

I don’t see the attraction. Her legs are all knobby and nasty, and her mouth all pruned up from all the suntanning. And there’s more gum in her smile than in a super-sized pack of Juicy Fruit.

I’ve noticed that too. Although I think it’s just her idea and not a producer’s.

And they aren’t that great either, she works them out too much, where I live we call that type Rabbit Legs.

Probably right about the time that People and Reader’s Digest started running virtually the same “Katie Couric is a HERO!!” story every couple months.

All I know, is that she has the worst mascara job on the planet. Must be done by the same guy that does Donald Trump’s comb-over.

How do people appear on TV for so many years and no one tells them about such obvious makeup goofs?

OK, in this thread qwe have a TV show about Katie Couric’s legs, in another thread we have a movie about Kate Hudson’s butt. If we can get in a show or a movie about somebody’s breasts, we can graft on a head and have a media Frankenbabe!


Didn’t they fire fire Deborah Norville because people thought she was too pretty and wouldn’t be taken seriously enough? The Couric took her place as the believable dumpy-looking newscaster?

Sheesh, ten posts before anyone thinks to post pictures? Shame on you. Threads about attractive celebrities should always have links to pictures in the OP.

And based on those pictures, I’d say her legs aren’t too bad, but I’d have to see her standing and walking around to really judge.

I’ve seen thoses eyes somewhere before…ah. It’s the Tammy Faye Baker look.

I’m sorry, but I’d put Diane Sawyer’s legs up against Katie Couric’s legs anytime.

Stands back, re-reads the previous sentence, and revels in the ensuing mental picture

Yeah, Diane Sawyer until 9, then after turning off the sound, Kelly Rippa after 9. Every other week my life is good.

Your breasts, master.

Thank you, those will do nicely. Very nicely indeed. Have someone make a movie about them … “Dude, Where’s My Hooters?” perhaps.

Okay, we’ve got Katie’s legs. (Not so hot, IMO.) And Kate’s butt. (S’aright.) And further down the thread, someone gave us a link to the breasts of Jose Lima’s wife. (Of which I’d like another picture, so I can really judge them.)

However, when Evil Captor used the term “Frankenbabe”, I pictured a creation with all of the above parts, but Al Franken’s head.


I demand a link to a picture of Kate Hudson’s ass.

… And as much as the Today program has attempted to raise the sex appeal with Katie, Katie continues to disappoint when it does come to sex itself.


Katie did an inteview earlier this week on a sex topic with a medical doctor. Her interview skills where that of a 16-year-old, full of tongue-ties, misspeaks and stutters. She was obviously embarrassed by the very topic. When she finally ended the interview, her closing remarks were so fast that if you blinked your eyes/ears, you missed it.

OTOH, her interviews on colorectal cancer and testing go into great detail, almost to the point of making one ill. Now one can understand the medical need to inform and educate the public, especially when your hubby died of the disease, but must one bring in the lights! camera! action! and perform colon tests on camera for all the world to see?

Retvim, go to the thread “Raising Helen Poster.”

The obvious spirit-killer, of course, is that Katie has a ironclad contract worth close to $100 million.

If she were a serious journalist, I’d judge her on her professionalism. But Katie is a hack who leans on that nauseating perky-teen shtick. Sadly, she doesn’t have a single good feature and is reportedly a real terror on the set.

That said, I’ll take her anyday over that SOB Bryant Gumbel. What a gaseous windbag. Anyone who stays on the Today Show more than five years becomes a grotesque caricature. Of course, Kellie Rippa makes Katie look like Einstein squared.

Gene Shalit, anyone?

Anyone else get an image of Boobarella from The Simpsons?
“After these commercials, more of my booooooooooobs!”