When did they stop making Good 'n Fruity?

I’m looking for the year they stopped making Good 'N Fruity candy. At one time these were my favorites, but Hershey must have found out I loved them and stopped making them. I’ve been searching the web to no success.

The reason I ask is, I was in dyersville, Iowa yesterday. My wife wanted to go into the Ben Franklin store because she hasn’t seen one for years. I was stunned to see they were selling Good 'n Fruity candy! I bought a few boxes and found them to be so stale they crunched like hard candy. I’m trying to determine how old this shit is.

The most recent ad I can find in a newspaper databank is from a CVS store in 2000. This only means that they were still being produced at that point.

Discontinued Candy and Gum…


Is there a date or lot code on the package? There might be some useful information there.

Actually doesn’t it mean they were still being sold at that point? The candy could have been made a decade earlier and sat in a storage room for 10 years.

Which is what I think happened to what I bought at the BF store!:wink:
Anyway, I followed astros’ link and fired off an Email to Hershey.
I hadn’t seen GnP in Wisconsin for at least 10 years. Maybe they just stopped distributing them here and I thought they stopped making them.

Nada. And the cashier in the store was no help. She said they were on the shelf since she started there…2 years ago! :eek:

You sure? Sometimes they’re embossed rather than printed on the package and are damned hard to see.

Both my wife and I went over the boxes inside & out and we can’t find anything. There is a UPC barcode, but nothing else.

My wife, of course, wants to know why a 45 year old man is so damn interested in when a box of candy was made. Sigh!:rolleyes: Women! They just don’t understand the important things in life!:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone remember Peter Paul Caravelle bars?

Question: Were they the same as $100,000 bars?

I’ve done some of the work, but you can do the rest.

Go to the trademark index and hit “search.” When you get to a search box, hit “good 'n fruity.” You’ll get five links. Open them all and read.

What I think happened is that the brand changed hands more than once in the early/mid-90’s and was a problem. I think a Dutch company owns the rights now. Perhaps you’ll see them again.

Did Hershey’s really own them? I didn’t read much. Busy right now.

It says Hershey Foods Company on the back of the box.

Technically yes, since they were both rice crispies and caramel covered in milk chocolate. However, in the opinion of many–most notably, Steve Almond in his book Candyfreak, that Caravelle Bars were superior to the $100,000 Bars in every way.

Carla Major of Hershey Consumer Relations emailed me and indicated that Good 'N Fruity has not been produced since June of 2002.

That means the candy I bought at that store was sitting there for 4 years!:eek:

No wonder it was only 30cents a box and so stale.

I *luv *Cadbury wafers.
I guess if i want to eat them again, i will have to order fron the UK? :confused:

Good ‘n’ Fruity = D+D Elves?