When did they stop putting cheese on the Filet O' Fish?

I haven’t ordered a Filet O’ Fish from McDonald’s in years but I had a craving today. The sandwich always had a slice of cheese on it which I thought made the sandwich. Today… no cheese. Did they just forget or was it phased out at some point?

It’s still there:

Well, the cheese has been getting smaller over time, so I guess this was the natural next step.

Straight from the clown’s mouth.Cheese.

Curses! Ninja’d!

Who moved the cheese?

I worked at McDonald’s in the mid-'80s as a teenager, and the cheese was a half-slice then, too, just as it’s shown in enalzi’s link.

I clearly remember this because when you made a Filet-O-Fish, you had to manually fold each slice of American cheese in half to make it split into two half-slices.

P.S. I always assumed that this was because the fish patty is rectangular, and a full slice of American cheese would result in too much cheese hanging over the sides of the fish patty.

I briefly worked for McDonald’s Customer service. We had a canned response about how it’s always been a half-slice.

I stand corrected.

Does anyone remember the Burger King Whaler?

First how cheese-like is this “cheese”? It always seemed to be Velveeta-ish which doesn’t count for me.

Yeah, I remember the slices being pre-scored for easier folding/breaking into two. The whole thing was set up for making two at a time. But since usually only one was sold before the sandwich timed-out, there’d often be one that got tossed.

(I hated the thing. Mrs. FtG liked them. You gotta overlook such things if you want to stay together, right?)

It’s definitely still there – I had it during Lent, and I knows, because I always order it without cheese (because who the hell puts cheese on a fish sandwich? FWIW, it’s not a cheese & fish thing, as I don’t mind cheese on fish in other contexts. I feel the same about cheese on a chicken sandwich), while my wife gets it normal, with cheese.

It’s on at my MickeyDs. You got robbed.:slight_smile:

I’m betting there are some stories that are real horror show. I’m oddly interested in hearing them…in a faces of death sort of way.

It’s the standard American cheese that McDonald’s uses, so it’s already pretty processed. If one expects authentic cheese at McD’s, one is likely to be sorely disappointed.

They still have it, but they call it the Big Fish now. I still(well as of 2-3 years ago) ask for a whaler and they don’t bat an eye.

Filet o’Fish is the only sandwich I’ll get from Mickey D’s, and the last one I got had “cheese” on it.

It was the kind of “cheese” I grew up with, the kind that comes individually wrapped and you make grilled cheese for your kids with it, but yes, it had cheese on it.

Most likely, the sandwich maker simply forgot it.

When I worked at McDonald’s i made the mistake of using a whole slice of cheese on the Fo’F. After getting reamed out by my manager, I set my sights on sweet, sweet revenge. Oh yes! I was sent to making parfaits, where I added 6 blueberries instead of 5!! Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

When I worked at Jack in the Box, they had a fish sandwich called the Moby Jack, which had cheese. I see it is no longer on the menu. Perhaps people thought it was made from whales.

When McD’s opened in Moscow in January 1990, most of their ingredients were imported from Germany. The cheese was definitely different, still processed but more like cheddar than American. You could tell right away.

I believe they now produce everything locally. At least I wasn’t aware of the cheese tasting different the last time I ate there, which was a couple of weeks ago.

There were a lot of funny stories about the opening back in 1990. My favorite was the one in which all of the toilet seats were stolen the first evening, carried off under peoples’ coats. Some of the older customers (and probably younger ones too) couldn’t figure out how to use the flip-door garbage bins. I saw one pensioner stare open-mouthed at a bin like it was something from another planet when one of the workers (a girl of about 18) showed him how it worked.

At the time, I was working as a fixer for a US TV network. One evening when McD’s gave a bunch of visiting orphans free meals, we were instructed to go down to Pushkin Square and “shoot the orphans.” :eek:

Such an unfortunate name for a sandwich.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the term “too much cheese”. It just seems so impossible to me.