When did you see your last campaign ad?

While listening to the morning radio programs this Tuesday up in Washington State, I was astonished to hear plenty of campaign ads broadcast. What’s the latest you saw or heard a campaign ad?

Late afternoon Tuesday. I also got a phone call from an Obama volunteer at 7:15 saying “If you haven’t voted yet, you still have 45 minutes to go over to [name of my polling place],” which I found somewhere between impressive and obsessive.

Of course, I’m sure you hadn’t heard, but Pennsylvania was considered a battleground state…

I know I was placing calls to folks at 5:45 in Indina (the polls closed there at 6).

I got my final robocall – from Barack Obama himself – about 8:15 on Tuesday night, about 45 minutes after the North Carolina polls had closed.

I got four in the mail yesterday (that’s Wednesday). Expect more today!

Thanks to Tivo, I’ve been skipping all the TV ads. But I got my last robocalls Tuesday afternoon . . . one from Obama himself and one from Michelle. They were very positive . . . a welcome relief from the nasty McCain calls.

The last national-type ad I saw was some 527 attack ad with Rev. Wright on Monday night during the SNL election special.

I had a couple robocalls on Tuesday from local races.

NYC is a “why bother” market for JMc, so after going almost this entire election seeing no McCain ads, I saw a whole bunch of them in the early Tuesday morning hours.

Thanks to my DVR, I’ll probably being seeing old ones for a couple more weeks.

Thanks to my state’s runoff rule, I’ll be seeing new ones for another month.

What is this “last” you speak of?

It was after 4:00 p.m. and I got two calls from real, live Obama volunteers asking if we needed information about our polling place, a ride to the polling place and who knows what else.

I also saw political commercials on the 5:00 p.m. news. The polls here close at 7:00.

My newspaper this morning was in a “Vote Norm Coleman” bag sponsored by the NRA Political Victory Fund. I know they’re having a recount, but I think this is a bit much.

If I could, I’d vote against him again.

I still have shows saved my DVR from before the election, so really there’s no telling. Fortunately I can just skip past them.

Louisiana is also holding House elections in December that were delayed due to a hurricane. So it’s not over there either.