YAAAY!!! No more robo-calls!!!

You guys in some of the other states have no idea what some of us have been through lately. My phone has been blessedly quiet since the polls closed. I think I’ll just unplug it for a few days and enjoy the quiet.

Thanks to Tivo, though, I didn’t have to watch all the bazillion political commercials.

Those of us in battleground states should get two weeks off now, just to recover from the assault.

Agreed. The calls seriously pissed me off. I turned my phone off on Sunday (too late, once I did they stopped phoning.)

The voicemail box on my phone has been full for oh, months. I considered clearing it out before I left on vacation, but then I realized it would fill up again with the campaign calls, so I left it full. Blissful. I’ll probably clear it out tomorrow.

Possibly not in Georgia. Chambliss ® may not get 50% and there will be a runoff in a month with Martin (D).

Think of the entire political apparatus of the nation focused on one state.


I was getting two or three a day for a while there. At least most of the Obama ones were live people, not robo-calls, but still a tad annoying. I got super-annoying McCain ones, though, where the line stayed open after I hung up the phone, until the spiel was finished. That was annoying.

Yep. They kept trying to get me to volunteer. I live in a county that was solidly blue four years ago and had been insulted by the McCain camp!

I had one from the child of a local guy running for office. That was damn annoying. And I had one at 8:45 on Monday night. That was also damn annoying.

I got one and only one call from a live human being. Took great delight in telling her that I would now vote against her candidate because she called me and disturbed me at home.

That’s what you think!

I was working today on arrangements for about 60,000 robo-calls and/or email messages to go out for the beginning our our City election cycle, which is 90 days away.

That seems awfully petty and disingenuous, especially as IIRC you never had the slightest intention of voting for Obama.