When Do You Put Up Your Christmas Decorations?...

I like to have the house decorated, and the Christmas tree up, by Thanksgiving. I SWEAR it makes the entire ordeal more festive (and tolerable).

Every year, we do the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at my house. Numerous family members and friends are here to partake of the meal. I’ve been criticized by a certain family member (their entire family unit, actually), each year, because the Christmas tree was up for Thanksgiving. I have no idea why, and they never say EXACTLY why they don’t like it. They DO make it a point to tell me that it is ‘just wrong’ to have the Christmas decorations up in time for Thanksgiving…in front of everyone, which makes me feel a bit unsettled and angry, sort of spoiling my festive, freakin’ mood.

They don’t live in our house. My family and I do. We LIKE having the decorations up in time for Thanksgiving. The decorations do not interfere with the seating, milling about, visiting, eating, drinking, cooking, general partying, etc., so I don’t see a problem with it.

It is not an option to NOT invite these family members to our festive celebration, as they ARE close family members…irritating, but yet still family.

Is it wrong to try to set the mood for the Thanksgiving holiday (which is the start of the holiday season, in my opinion), by having our Christmas decorations up?

I absolutely love Christmas - but as a single male I don’t bother with decorations.

Well…if you want my personal opinion, yes. It’s wrong. The Christmas season is special because it’s the Christmas season. I don’t like it when retailer starting it way too soon (right after Halloween!) and I think it’s a mistake for individuals to do it either. Thanksgiving is not Christmas.

But that said…it’s not the way I would do it but if it works for you, it’s your holiday. And I’d say relative who take time out to bitch and moan about it are more out of keeping with the spirit of the season tha you are. Particularly if they are partaking of your hospitality (a very Christmas idea). Give them another bowl of mead and tell them to shut up.

Maybe the weekend after Thanksgiving, at the earliest, but usually the first weekend of December.

And we don’t do a tree (no kids) or outside lights. Just stockings by the chiminy and indoor decorations.


I live alone so have no need for decorations apart from the stick.

At work I pretend to be a real Scrooge who hates Xmas. This causes the staff to madly decorate the hell out of my workspace. As part of my “Bah humbug” schtick I once said that the only decoration I had at home was a stick with a piece of tinsel stapled to it. So I will get the stick out of the garage and lean it againsrt the wall in case I have visitors.

I agree that to everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season, and the Christmas season begins (or at least SHOULD begin) no earlier than the day after Thanksgiving. (Hint: Check any Advent calendar.) I hate hate hate how Christmas has eclipsed every holiday after Labor Day. You can set the mood for the Thanksgiving holiday by putting up Thanksgiving decorations. Thanksgiving is its own holiday, not a subset of Christmas.

That said, I would never bitch about someone’s else’s Christmas decorations being up if I were a Thanksgiving guest in their home. But I WOULD privately consider it inappropriate.

Our tree/decorations usually go up the first weekend in December.

Well, of course it isn’t wrong. There is no right or wrong in this case. Would I think it was too soon? Yes. Is it wrong? No. Is it wrong to say something to you about it (assuming you didn’t ask)? Very, very wrong.

Usually around the third Sunday of Advent. So about ten days before Christmas (give or take).

I’ve heard vague allusions to it being due to her Catholic upbringing that I don’t really understand, but growing up my mother’s insistance had always been that decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving and come down the first week of January. Everyone else has just followed suit since it’s a good a time as any. I have trouble imagining putting the decorations up any sooner, since they’re already up for more than a month by following her “schedule.”

If my wife had her way, there would be Christmas decorations up all freaking year! In this, I put my foot down (softly). Now the decorations go up on Dec. 10th, and are down by New Year’s.

Mine go up on Christmas Eve, and come down on Epiphany.

“After Halloween?” I’ve seen several stores in this area that had Christmas decorations for sale (sections of the store, not the entire store decorated) at least a week before Halloween. When I went to pick up some curtains I had ordered, the aisle of the store across from the catalog pick-up was covered with Christmas stuff. When I mentioned it to the lady who was handling my transaction, she told me it was the earliest they had put Christmas stuff out in the 10 years she had worked for the store. She also said, very softly and sadly, “I don’t enjoy Christmas as much as I used to. By the time it gets here, I’m ready for it to just go away.”

I think that’s sad, because it’s how I feel too.

I live alone and I always decorate for Christmas. Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, but no later than the first weekend in December. Fake tree (with lights and garland and ornaments and a star on top), garland around the banisters, lighted greenery on the mantel, wreath on the front door, Christmas-y knicknacks that only get displayed once a year, etc. I bring in lights and stuff to decorate my office, too.

Most of the time no one ever sees my decorations: I go to my mother’s for Christmas, and to my friends’ house to do the holidays with them. But I still decorate, because it’s my favorite holiday. I never put out anything before Thanksgiving, though, even though my mom and brother come to my house for that.

That said, this year I will put a crystal snowman on the Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece: I bought it several months ago as an early Christmas present to myself, and my reward for not putting it out right away is that I get to put it on display at Thanksgiving when it will actually get seen. :slight_smile:

Everything gets put away at New Year’s.

When we lived in the U.S., Christmas decorations were always up the weekend after Thanksgiving and down on New Year’s Day. Here, there’s no real build-up of holidays (unless you count the Melbourne Cup), so I forget about it. Plus, it’s freakin’ hot, so it’s always kind of a shock to my poor American system to walk into the air-conditioned shopping center and see Santa. I have almost total disconnect with the festive season. I think last year I got around to putting the tree up the weekend before Christmas. My friend, though, mentioned that she put her Christmas tree up last weekend!! She’s had a rough year, though, so she’s looking for ways to cheer herself and her kids up.

Up on the third Sunday of Advent. (I swear, as a child, I thought that’s why the third candle was pink :smack: ) Down on the Epiphany or shortly thereafter.

For a Godless Heathen, I can be a fearsome traditionalist about the Christmas season.

Not a Christian, but boy oh boy oh BOY do I love Christmas! I adore winter! I celebrate it all with vigor and rum!

Usually, I put the tree up on the first weekend in December - usually on Sunday. I decorate it with whatever family is handy at the time. Last year I surprised my husband - he went to his father’s house to watch the game on Sunday, and I secretly busted out the tree and set it up by myself - first time I ever did it on my own! - because I saw how frustrated he got with it the year before. So he came home and SURPRISE! I told him elves did it.

During the weeks after I erect the tree, I start decking my halls. And by Og, I deck 'em good. The place is lit well from within, without the aid of lamps or regular lights, entirely by Christmas lights of every colour. The windows get it, the ceilings get it, all the way down the hall, and even in the kitchen.

I start cooking the same day I put up the tree. Well…* baking*. Elaborately decorated sugar cookies, cakes, pies, more cookies of every flavour, squares, fudge, brownies, candies, etc. I don’t eat them, I give them away to family, friends, postmen, delivery people, carollers, visitors, and strangers. It’s just not Christmas without the baked goodies to share with everyone.

Is it December yet? :smiley:

When the mood takes me, though the goal is December 1st (I usually cave before then). We don’t have Thanksgiving so that doesn’t come into the equation.

A week before Christmas. Trees are usually on sale by then, and here in Houston the things are expensive. I take them down right after New Years.

I put mine up the second week of December. I’m Canadian, so Thanksgiving is earlier of course, but I really like to celebrate both separately. I decorate for Thanksgiving in October with all kinds of harvesty stuff - apples and squash and pumpkins, bundles of wheat and little scarecrows, lots of browns and golds, that kind of thing.

After Thanksgiving I like to decorate for Halloween, which is usually up for about a week, max, and down November 1. Then it’s a nice break during November, before I get all excited about Christmas.

If Thanksgiving and Christmas were so close, I don’t know that I would want to go all out for both, or if I would be feeling as harvesty so close to full-on winter as I do at the beginning of October. So, while combined Thanksgiving/Christmas decorating isn’t for me, I don’t see why anyone should care if you do!

I personally do not like early Christmas decorations, especially trees put up at Thankgiving. But hey, it’s your life. (Doesn’t it dry out? Don’t you get tired of it by Christmas?!?)

I put up some decorations around the 1st of December–I love Advent calendars. The tree and more decorations (esp. the greenery) go up about 10 days beforehand. I adore Christmas and I love decorating, but I also get tired of it and can rarely wait till New Year’s to take the tree down and get rid of everything for a fresh start.

When I went to live in Denmark, I was roundly criticized by people for Americans’ habit of putting up trees early. Apparently it’s barbaric and trees are to be put up on Christmas Eve. (They also use real candles, and dance around the tree singing carols. And most trees have festoons of Danish flags strung around.)