When do you turn your heat on?

Just curious about when other dopers turn their heat on for the winter.

We haven’t turned ours on yet. We usually try to make it 'til November before we do. If we start having days where the temps don’t get much about 45, we’ll turn it on earlier. Otherwise this place is really well insulated and we don’t particularly need it yet.

Though at this moment I am wishing it was on, so we may turn it on this evening.

We’re trying to hold out to November or the first frost. Our house in the south of England) is fairly well-insulated and we’re not quite feeling the cold yet.

I usually assume I’ll be turning it on around October 15, and off around April 15. This year, we went until October 23rd.

When it gets cold. If the house temp drops below 60, it’s time for heat. Other end of the scale, it it gets over 80, it’s time for cool.

If the calendar is to be used as a guideline (instead of the effect on one’s sense of well-being) then the months of March and April (for the most part) and October and November (for the most part) are mild enough not to need assistance beyond opening windows and doors and letting a fan do the rest.

So, May through September, it’s A/C, and December through February, it’s heat.

This “fall” it’s been different. We had the A/C on most of the time against record heat in early October. For the past week it’s been cool enough for the heat.

We haven’t yet. We’re trying to hold out until Nov. 1st. This morning was the first time I was seriously shivering when I got ready for work (and I was wearing slippers, sweat pants, and a bath robe). The indoor temp was 61 and the outdoor temp was 37.

I still have some insulating to do today so maybe we can make it a bit longer past the beginning of November.

I live in Wisconsin, btw.

I’m in the Chicago area, near the Wisconsin border. I’ve had mine on a couple weeks already. If its in the 50s during the day, it’s on. We have an old, drafty house, and the room I work in is predominately field stone, so it’s pretty darn chilly in here. I’m wearing two thermal shirts at the moment and I could stand the heat to be turned up a bit.

I set my thermostat to 64 in September and if the heat comes on, it does.

We’ve already had our first frost and no heat yet. We wait until November, and then until the nighttime temp drops below freezing.

I have mine on now. Turned it on last weekend, more out of curiousity than anything. I bought a house in July and have been wondering about how the heat (hot water boiler with baseboard things) would work. Works fine!

Last year I was in an apartment and I wanted to see how low my gas bill could be. I slept in a sleeping bag and used almost no heat. The family downstairs had a 3 year old and kept their place pretty warm, which heated my place a little. :wink:

the furnace is on all year around, it also is our hot water heater=)

That being said, the radiator system is set to start heating if the temperature of the house drops to 40 fahrenheit. We heat when people are home with our woodstove. Wood is free to us, heating oil costs money.

Evidently… last night.
GrizzWife said she’d had enough of cold nights near thirty degrees.
We’ve had cold rain off and on for the past few days, so that’s contributing to the house’s thermal mass not rising enough during the day to help keep the house warm at night.
The temp in the house yesterday evening dropped below 60 degrees; so I was given prompt orders to fire the furnace.

1 - 2 weeks a year, when it drops below 40. The house is insulated enough that higher than that it’s still comfortable, and besides, I enjoy the couple weeks of “cold” that we get here.

I usually don’t till the outside temp goes down to at least -10. I live on the top floor of an apartment so I tend to get a good part of heat from the people below me. At night it can get a bit chilly, but I have a duvet and a warm cat so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

Chalk up another one for “when it gets cold.” It never occurred to me that people would use the calendar rather than the thermometer to determine when to turn it on. We sometimes have colder or warmer autumns here, so the calendar isn’t that useful.

This does explain the one really bad encounter I have ever had with a landlord. She turned off the heat (it was an apartment attached to a house) on April 1st. It was still freezing (western Massachusetts) so I asked her to turn it back on. She refused, so I checked with the city. Turns out there was an ordance saying that if heat was provided, it could not be below 68 in the dwelling. It was way below that, so she had to turn it on again. I thought it was just her, but it looks like others use the calendar, too. More ignorance fought.

I’m trying to hold out a bit longer, partially because I don’t have any natural gas service turned on, and the deposit is going to sting.

Last spring the woman I’m renting from took her name off of all of the utilities and we transferred them to my name. Everything in the house is electric except for the central heating, so I opted to not turn it on until I needed it this Fall.

It has been getting down to the mid-high 30s outside of Atlanta, and my cats are glaring at me like my cheapskate ways aren’t fun anymore. I’ve been plugging in an electric space heater and closing off my bedroom. It makes it bearable. I’ll probably give in around the 2nd week of November.

Not freaking soon enough. It’s 60 in our house these days and I’m freezing all the time, unless I’m in bed. My wife’s trying to save money by not heating the house. I’m going to be eating into her profits by drinking lots of hot tea this winter.

It surprises me too. Generally speaking our heat goes on in October, just because that’s when it gets “cold” at night. There have been cold Septembers and warm early Novembers, so there’s no hard and fast goal. It’s been on a couple of weeks already, because of all the cold rainy weather we’ve been having. The local weather guy claimed a few days ago that the average temps this month (in the 40s F during the day instead of low 60s/high 50s) would be normal for early December, so I guess it is unseasonably chilly.

We haven’t turned the heat on yet. Our house (my roommates and I live in a duplex) is pretty chilly, but at least the windows are new. We have oil heat, which is why we’ve chosen to sit shivering on the couch in the evenings rather than turn the heat on. Our bedrooms have electric baseboard heaters, so we use them as necessary at night. That’ll probably get us into November, at least. We’ve also decided that, once we turn the heat on, we’ll keep the thermostat at around 60-65 and turn it off completely at night.

My house is poorly insulated, and I hate to turn on the heat until I get the weatherstripping on the windows (feels like I’m burning $$ to warm the place). Its going up this weekend – we’ve had our first frost and though I’m warm under 2 comforters and 2 cats, its tough getting out of bed in the morning.

Almost exactly my plan. Of course, I live almost exactly where you do, so no surprise there.

When I was in a triple-decker, I was in the middle apartment. There was an elderly woman downstairs who turned the heat way up, and I could go until December without a problem. And I wasn’t even paying the oil bill; I just didn’t want to turn on the heat.

Now I’m in a single family house, and paying for the gas bill. I have a hang-up about having the heat on for six months (or more) out of the year. If I can hang on until November 1st, then I’ve won! :slight_smile:

Of course, they are saying that it will get down into the low 30s tonight. Okay, Mother Nature, you win, but just you wait until next year…