When does a girl stop being a LITTLE girl?

So I have this friend, “Linley,” whom I’m sure I’ve never mentioned on the boards before, because she’s sensible, rational, and calm, and thus does not generate amusing stories. Linley has a daughter named, ridicuously enough, “Kyle,” who is about (a) 12 years ago and (b) an utter goofball (probably implied by (a) ). Kyle weighs about a buck and a half, which is fortunate as, every time she sees me, she screams like a banshee, leaps onto my back, and demands to be carried about for a few minutes while giggling like a lunatic. I always pretend to be annoyed for a minute, then comply.

Anywho … Linley does great barbecue, and as I do not, the Rhymers went to her house for the Fourth. As always Kyle did her scream/leap/giggle thing. I did, or my usual mock protest, then said, “All right, the little girl ferry is now in service!”

Abruptly Kyle got offended, or pretended to. “I am not a little girl!” she declaimed. “I am currently a princess, and in time will be queen of the Earth!”

“Then you must not want a piggyback ride,” I said. “Only little girls ride piggy-back on grown adults.”

Kyle was taken aback, but only for a moment. “Take your logic back to Wales where it belongs!” she said – and yes, those were her exact words. (I say that in the real world too.) “Giddyup, horsie!”

So I took her twice around the house and then dumped her on the floor, whereupon I paid her to watch the three littlest Rhymers during the party. Yes, she gets paid for being a brat. I’m sure this will turn out well. :smiley:

Anyway – Kyle’s “not a little girl” remark got me to thinking. At what age would y’all say that “little girl” is no longer an appropriate descriptor for a young human female?

At 150#, she’s not a little girl.

I quit being a little girl when I got to be 5’7". When I was 12 or 13. I was about 110# and looked ridiculous.

I am talking about AGE, not mass, you silly Carthaginian.

I know know how much Kyle weighs, but if pressed I’d say approximately half of nothing.

So apparently in this case “a buck and a half” means a small amount, not one hundred fifty pounds. Which explains why Skald’s back hasn’t collapsed yet.

To answer the OP, usually somewhere in the 10-13 year range (=/-), depending on context. Hard and fast rule? Forget it.

I asked my 10 year old daughter if she considers herself a little girl, or just a girl. She says, “A little of both”.

My 3yo is a little girl. My 10yo is not. So somewhere in between those two. I’d say 9 is a good cutoff, just before double figures.

Somewhere in the 7-9 range.

I can see why you read it as meaning a hundred fifty pounds, but by “buck and a half” i meant “nothing significant.” Kyle’s about 4’11" and very slender. If we were in the mines of Moria and running from a balrog, I’d simply toss her over any inconvenient chasms.

I don’t consider my 7 year old nieces to be little girls. They’re just girls.

I’d say the change from little girl to girl comes around first grade.

Weird! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never heard that type of phrasing mean anything but 150 lbs. I was so confused by that part of the OP; 'why is it fortunate she weighs 150 lbs? Wouldn’t that make horsey rides harder?

And I agree that the cutoff is generally before the double digits, but I allow exceptions for things like parents getting teary-eyed sentimental and waxing nostalgic. Then “little girl” or “little boy” is ok for any age.

It was my fault. I’m sure I was thinking “nothing and a half,” as that’s how I describe Kyle’s weight when Linley asks if I’m sure I don’t mind being her human amusement park ride. Somehow “buck and a half” came out instead. Stoopid middle-aged brain. I blame Dick Cheney.

To me a little girl is up to about 12. Kyle’s near the cut-off.

And I’m not sure how much she actually objects to the phrasing. She’s fully capable of screwing with people’s heads around for yuks.

When they ask to buy their first bra.

As WhyBaby did last month.

Yes, that WhyBaby, the micropreemie you were all rooting for in 2005. She’s wearing a bra. :smack:

Once you hit double digits, you’re not a little girl. I would say seven or eight.

When they have lost their baby teeth.
A tween isn’t a little girl.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that I can still carry my 11yo girl for short distances, when she lets me, and I will shed more than a few tears when this is no longer possible. I’m thinking there may only be a few more months left.

I think that by the time they reach double didgits, they’re mostly not little girls any more. It’s really hard to say and it does have a lot to do with how they act.

I would say that the “little” part stops when puberty starts, which is about 9-10 in girls. Not only is there a physical growth spurt around that time, but there are a whole host of physical and mental changes that go along with it.

Hmm. Yeah. I’d go with the bra part i guess. and the growth part. My little girl isn’t a little girl any more either. 11. It’s sad and happy at the same time. Somehow she’s more separate now. Her own person more. She’s still silly as all get out, but then she’ll hotly debate the damage humanity is doing to the planet. Not little anymore. :frowning:

My 12 year old daughter’s boobage is approaching my wife’s size (so the wife tells me. I haven’t seen. Thank xist) and she’s still my little girl. Though not for much longer, she’s started having some decidedly teen-girl ideas.

Huh. Good question.

My daughter is only 2.5. I’m not ready to answer.