When Facebook suggests celebrities to be your friend

I was just going through the latest batch of friend recommendations on Facebook, and one of them was a guy named Dave Meniketti. “Hmmm, how funny,” thought I, “that guy has the same name as the Y&T guitarist.” So I clicked on him, and it is the Y&T guy. It turns out we have a mutual friend, in the form of a guy I went to high school with who is in a local metal band in the Bay Area.

Anyone else ever have this kind of thing happen?

A guy in my friends list has a former NASCAR truck series driver in his friends list. I’m waiting for it to suggest him.

I made the mistake of befriending Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Facebook. Smitten ol’ gal keeps tagging me all over the place. And, I’d like to know how Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh feels about her listing marital status, “It’s Complicated.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. I’ve had Ray Bradbury suggested to me. There’s also Mike Mingola, Clive Barker, Charles de Lint, Chistopher Moore, Gardner Dozois, Javier Grillo-Marxuach (“Middleman” creator), Jane Yolen, Amber Benson, and Patricia Tallman.

For all you know, any of your existing friends could have created a fake celebrity page and befriended it, resulting in a lot of cascading friend recommendations.

How do you know it really is the person in question? I went looking to see if Apollo Ohno had a fan page and came up with at least seven hits on Facebook , all of them sporting his picture. I was trying to figure out how to find the real Ohno when my friend pointed out that I was misspelling his name. Searching for Apolo Ohno (correct spelling) turns up five more pages.

I’m going out on a limb and assume that the real Ohno wouldn’t misspell his own name. But that still provides no assurance that any of these five are the real deal.