when i was younger i would have been a good dictator

I found my old school journal today, and one of my entries was an asignment on how would you run the united states if you were president, I am surprised I was not sent to the school counselor with some of the things i put

  1. Any one who commits a felony is put to death, at the courthouse as soon as he was proven guilty by lethal injection
  2. I would form alliances with countries with lots of guns and bombs, if they didn’t agree I would bomb them to ruins.
  3. Drugs would be legal( i thought that if they were legal they would be no big deal and there would be no more drug problem)
  4. The legal age of everything was made the date of graduation(drinking,smoking, whatever)
  5. Welfare was to be investigated and if there was welfare fraud they had to go work on a farm for as many years as they had been on( that was with my dead beat aunt markeeta in mind)
  6. In my perfect world I made prostitution run by the state in state run brothels with mandotory disease tests
  7. The countries that I had alliances with had to pay me an alliance tax, and so did all rich people to keep me from confiscating everything they owned.

that was just a little, but now i wonder i was disturbed back then…