When is the best time to book flights for Christmas travel?

When is the best time to book flights (within the US) for around Christmas time? For example, a round trip that arrives on Dec 22 and returns on Dec 30.

WAG - About six months before travel (June) you should start looking and firm up actual reservations by September. Christmas/New Years is a prime travel time so don’t expect a price drop. The critical issue though is not price but availability. If you attempting to book now for Christmas any seats you may find will cost you a pretty penny.

Quick check on Southwest Airlines for flights in December from Dallas to San Diego.

One way (before taxes and fees)

Dec 3 - 16 $150
Dec. 22 $202
Dec. 30 $268
Dec. 26 and 27 $323

The prices vary each day and also vary which direction you are going. Higher to San Diego, lower from San Diego.

Might have been able to get cheaper flights earlier, but they will probably only get more expensive the later you wait.

I went ahead and bought my tickets. I won’t say to where and how much, because then somebody will find a fare for much less money and make me feel like a shmuck… I will say it wasn’t bad.