When it all goes incredibly Pete Tong

I cleared with Tubadiva a very short while back whether sharing this amazing site I found would be okay. Well the upshot is , here it is!

It hosts all the recordings of Pete Tong’s essential selection radio programme from BBC radio 1 since 1994. Full live sets uninterrupted by adverts! Over 15 years of music sets!

To those familiar this was a major radio programme for house music in the UK and plotted the development of all genres of house music from early euro and chicago sounds through progressive and acid house and drum and beat. DJs like Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Danny Rampling, Trannies with Attitude… Everyone is here!

It appears legit, it has amazing download speed and is free to download or stream.

To UK dopers who like this type of music they will recognise it as the motherlode of house and trance. Its an history of the evolution of house music in the UK. I am excited to share this find.

Its not a BBC website but doesn’t seem to be ‘dodgy’

On the other hand, its also quite possible that everyone already knows about this site other than me, in which case I will just plug myself into an extended ‘summer of love’ Now where did I put my light stick and whistle?

Good find. I remember quite a few of these when they were first broadcast and managed to acquire a few over the years. Richie Hawtin @ Sankey’s Soap ftw.

Nuts, I thought this was going to be a thread about rhyming slang.

Carry on.

I don’t ever say, and very rarely type it, but OMG!

The whole Essentials catalog free to stream, and pennies per hour to download.


The site is unofficial as fuck, but the BBC seems to have a fairly decent attitude towards copyright shenanigans. Finalgear.com has been the best source of Top Gear for folks outside the UK for years, the producers sometimes comment on the site. For Doctor Who the best torrents are made by Mad Martha, who actually (well, probably) got a name check on the programme.